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How to plan your goals with a 12 Week Year

How to plan your goals with a 12 Week Year and CeeLeeReed.com.

Goal setting is a never-ending ongoing process for all business owners (that’s you) and often times we start the Year with the best of intentions and then fail to keep up with our goals. We’re taught to write out a few huge goals for the year and then work to meet them.  The problem is, a twelve month deadline is a long time away when you’re looking at a calendar.  The excitement may fizzle and you’ll face overwhelm. Achieve your goals by setting quarterly timelines and auditing your process along the way.  Here’s how to plan your first 12 Week Year. Read more

5 steps to a productive day (hint: plan the night before)

5 steps to a productive day with CeeLeeReed.com

The definition of productivity is often confused with busyness. Just because you are scrambling around your little pink office, doesn’t necessarily mean you are completing your to-do list efficiently; or at all. Productivity is the act of producing something (go figure) and in order to produce ladies, we must actually finish. Completing a project requires efficiency, preparation and following 5 steps to a productive day. Read more

Start Your Productive Week The Night Before (doesn’t everyone?)

Start your productive week the night before with CeeLeeReed.com

Productivity is a learned behavior. You start your business that blogs knowing you’ll have to work but it doesn’t always happen. You create multiple to-do lists and they sit. For days. For weeks.  Enter a deadline and suddenly we get our butt moving again.  We check mark and scratch through like there’s no tomorrow.  We finish the tasks we have put off.  How can you keep on track?  Plan to do these 7 things to start your productive week the night before. Read more

WordPress speed hacks your readers will love!

Wordpress speed hacks so readers will love your blog on CeeLeeReed.com

Blogging on WordPress is the perfect choice. Your slight learning curve in the beginning will be well worth it once your reader traffic grows and you have followers. WordPress offers such functionality and impressive options that create an enjoyable experience for your fans and the brands that want to work with you. The options you can choose to design, optimize and grow your blog are endless and each one comes at a cost; the response time of your website. Not to worry. Here are some of the best WordPress speed hacks that I’ve found floating around the blogosphere. Read more

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