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Manage time by outsourcing these 9 tasks + keep your biz efficiency flowing

Manage your time by outsourcing these 9 tasks with CeeLeeReed.com

Ask every business owner you meet and the one thing they want is more time. It’s as if we’re all in some super secret club and the password is “more hours in the day”. We all get the same 24 hours in the day and what differentiates us is how you use them. Use them wisely and efficiently and you’ll watch your business grow. Waste your precious time and your business that blogs will flounder and frustrate you. Efficiency is not a mindset, it’s an essential component of working well.  You need to focus on those tasks that create income and manage time by outsourcing these 9 tasks.  Read more

Get to Inbox Zero and Stay There (5 Tips to Cut Thru the Crap)!

Get to Inbox Zero with CeeLeeReed.com

Will we ever obtain that illustrious INBOX ZERO? Entrepreneurs like us should flee at the sound of an empty inbox-after all, wouldn’t that mean no one wants our services? Mic drop. Kidding aside, we always hear this and that (it’s like this and like that and like this and uh) about ways to achieve an inbox zero and we salivate at the thought of that momentous occasion when it happens. Spoiler alert-it never happens. Read more

Productivity tips to avoid just looking busy at work (we’ve all done it)

Productivity tips to avoid just looking busy at work by CeeLeeReed.com

Working as an employee outside the home was my way of life for many years. I had several bouts of entrepreneurship between working for local companies. I loved the people and my position but inevitably longed to do my own thing permanently. One of the things I hated most about working the old 9 to 5 was those moments when I was caught up and didn’t have much to do. Felt like such a waste. Now, I’ve learned several productivity tips to avoid just looking busy at work. Read more

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