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Month End Reporting | June 2017 (The Final Month)

Month End Reporting | June 2017  (The Final Month)

It’s time for the month end reporting. And while I have enjoyed offering up this information each month, the time has come to say good-bye.  My goal was to create these accountability reports for the first 6 months in biz and (can you believe it?), we’re already through June.  These reports have done a great job at holding me accountable to the goals I’d set this year and for reminders of what has worked.  It’s been fun to see how the new biz has grown and what still needs working on. Most importantly, it’s taught me to be constantly aware of my ever-changing business that blogs.  Enjoy! Read more

6 Ways To Make Your Morning Less Stressful + how to get hubby involved!

Working from home has been a blessing. No more struggling with the right outfit, rushing to beat hubby to the shower and running out of milk in my cereal bowl. I’m now able to enjoy a leisurely exit from my comfy bed and start the morning in the most positive way possible. Besides running my own business, not having the “morning scurry” is probably my most favorite reason for being an entrepreneur.  I have found 6 ways to make your morning less stressful that will put you in the right mindset to start your  busy day. Read more

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