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3 Goals To Set This Month-To Grow Your Biz

Now that the newness of the year has worn off, it’s time to revisit our list of goals and see where we stand. Did you crap out already on some of them or is it smooth sailing? No need to worry if a goal that you established hasn’t quite come to fruition, just recommit to it this month. If you haven’t quite gotten around to writing out your big plan yet, then let me help.  Here are 3 goals to set this month that will help you grow your business that blogs. Read more

How to plan your goals with a 12 Week Year

How to plan your goals with a 12 Week Year

Goal setting is an ongoing process for all business owners and often times we start the New Year with the best of intentions and then fail to keep up with our goals. We’re taught to write out a few huge goals for the year and then work to meet them.  The problem is, a twelve month deadline is a long time away when you’re looking at a calendar.  The excitement may fizzle and you’ll face overwhelm. Achieve your goals by setting quarterly timelines and auditing your process along the way.  Here’s how to plan your first 12 Week Year. Read more

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