3 goals to set this month that will help you grow your business

3 Goals To Set This Month To Grow Your Biz

Now that the newness of the year has worn off, it’s time to revisit our list of goals and see where we stand. Did you already crap out on some of them or is it smooth sailing? No need to worry if a goal that you established hasn’t quite come to fruition, just recommit to it this month. If you haven’t quite gotten around to writing out your big plan yet, then let me help.  Here are 3 goals to set this month that will help you grow your business that blogs.

3 Goals to set this month that will grow your business by CeeLeeReed.com.

3 Goals to set this month (that aren’t that hard to achieve)

Goal #1 Define your client (or reader) avatar

This first goal is designed to purposefully get you moving. Start with defining your client, because Lady Boss, if you don’t know who you wish to serve then you’re wasting your time marketing. And do we have time to waste?  NO.

Spend a few hours thinking about your ideal client and who you would really love to work with. Like if they walked through the door right now, who would that person be?  I mean besides this guy.  You’re welcome.

Ok, back to reality.

You really can’t (and shouldn’t) move on until you know exactly who you are speaking to. Make this important assignment a good one. Get an A+ for effort and results.  Ask yourself a few questions about the person you want to help and then ask yourself WHY you want to help.  These things go hand in hand so don’t fudge this. You need to meet your ideal client where she is right now so ask yourself these questions.

Questions to ask when defining your client avatar:

  • What is important to her? Or him?
  • What are her pain points (what keeps her up at night)?
  • Who does she want to work with?
  • What is her ideal life?

Who do you really want to serve?

Goal #2 Focus on one social media account

Build one at a time. Not to say you can’t share your blog posts to all of them, do that; but pick one to really work on.  I’m a big proponent of the 12 Week Year so each quarter gives you a chance to work with three of your social media accounts (or just one if you really want to get sassy). FOCUS on only one thing at a time. Proven strategy.

Does this mean that you ignore all of the other accounts?  Of course not.  It just means that you’re focused on growing sharing, commenting and interacting on the “chosen one”. The others will get shares so they don’t feel left out but you won’t be spending tons of time building them up.  At least not yet.  When you’re ready to switch things up at the end of the month, start on your next account and repeat.  PRO TIP: Start with Pinterest as you’ll get more bang for your buck!

Goal #3 Start doing Facebook LIVE videos

Video is King right now and if you’re going to grow, you need to be doin’ it and doin’ it and doin’ it well.  Just like LL.  I know you’re going to tell me all the reasons that you are afraid to go live online.  Believe me, we all feel the same way.  No one wakes up one day and suddenly feels confident and comfortable talking to herself on a screen.  It takes practice. It takes courage. It takes daily reminders that you won’t burst into flames if something goes wrong or you forget the words.

Your readers have to get to know you and the only way their human brains can do this quickly and fully is by seeing, hearing and touching you.  Okay maybe they don’t need to actually touch you but they need to feel like they can.  Video does this for them.  Once they recognize your beautiful little face and get to love your personality, you’ve made a fan for life. Be sure that 1 of the 3 goals to set this month is video.

Think about it, which makes us closer? Reading this blog post or seeing me explain it live in my Blog Biz & Entrepreneur Tips for Women Facebook group?  Each week day I’m in there talking my little heart out and letting my members learn about my life. I also encourage my lovely ladies to practice their videos in my group where they are safe and encouraged. If you’re a scaredy cat right now, know that you must get over it and you’re welcome to join us.

Goal setting is pertinent to growing your business that blogs. Set goals that make your biz bloom into the brand that you see in your visions at night. The only difference between playing it safe and excelling within your company is achieving the goals that you’ve established. What are 3 goals to set this month that will start you off on the right foot so that you’ll be in a better place before you know it?

Your blog biz best friend, Cee Lee

PS: Get into the routine of looking at your goals before starting your wok day; it will make quite an impression.

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