Grow your income in these 7 ways so you'll sleep better at night

7 Ways to Grow Your Revenue + Sleep better at night

Income is the life blood of every business that blogs. Without it, your business fails. With it, your business flourishes and takes care of you (doesn’t it feel nice to be taken care of?). Biz owners must eternally look for ways to create and grow their income otherwise you’re working for free. Free sucks. Here are 7 ways to grow your income so you’ll sleep better at night.

Grow Your Income and Sleep Better At Night with




7 Ways to grow your income (oh yeah)

1. Membership sites

If your online spaces (blog and social media accounts) are full of handouts, videos and beneficial information, create a membership area on your site. Make it easy for your readers to find all of your goodies in one place. They won’t have to scour your Facebook posts and YouTube looking for all of your downloads; they’ll pay a nominal fee each month and have immediate access to your members area where they can ingest all of your knowledge in one sitting. Bonus: they get to interact with others if you include a community based forum inside.

Continue putting content online but duplicate it in your members area and save a few special pieces just for members…soon you’ll have raving fans.  It’s so much easier for readers to get everything in one place and a membership site is essentially a one-stop shop.


You’ll be earning income for each month your members participate.  Yay!

2. Ebooks

Create Ebooks that coincide with your blog categories and sell them in your sidebar. Most Ebooks are easy to create (just save as pdf) and relatively low priced.  Guess what happens when you offer your fans an economical way to get to know you?  They buy.  And you make money.

Offering your audience lower priced products like Ebooks is a great way for them to inexpensively try out your knowledge and services. If they love what they read, they’ll buy your other products and services too.

PRO TIP: Make it a no-brainer for them by charging less than $10.


3. Sponsored Posts

Bloggers often are approached by brands to create content specially designed to heighten interest in their brand. Create amazing content regularly and brands are sure to notice. A great way to grow your income is to work with companies to promote their message.

Ask the brand to provide the verbiage they want highlighted in their promotional piece and then just fill in the blanks with facts that pertain to your reader demographic.  For instance, if you’re a parenting blog promoting a nutritional drink, include a story about how your daughter enjoys the product.  Your readers will appreciate that you stayed true to your blog niche.

Many bloggers make a full time income from writing sponsored content. Work with me and I’ll show you several ways to negotiate with brands.


4. Be a speaker

Offer to speak at your local area events. Your city’s chamber of commerce can assist with finding the perfect event to showcase your expertise.  Once you’ve got a few events under your belt, the community will recognize you as the expert you are and you can start charging for your services.

I teach locally just like I’m doing here. Business owners that want to grow their blog come to hear my story and find out my secrets. For the hour or so, I make a nice chunk of change and reach many more women than I would if I hid in my little pink office all day.


5. Become a published author

Have a book mulling around inside your brain?  Get a few pages onto paper and set a deadline for completion. Self-publishing a book in very inexpensive and quiet a bit easier than working with a traditional publicist.  Books are an excellent way to be seen as an authority in your niche.

I was part of two collaborative books my first year in business and both created a nice little stream of money. Better than the money though, was what the title “author” did for my credibility and portfolio.  Imagine my surprise when I was nominated for the Pushcart Prize; such an honor.


The Pushcart Prize is the most honored literary project in America. I was nominated!



6. Products

Can you create physical products?  Tshirts, paintings, handmade soaps and tarot cards are just a few of the ideas that you could sell to your readers.  I purchased alot of my office decor from artisans that I’ve found on Etsy. Consider yourself lucky if you can hand craft beautiful creations that people are dying to purchase.

Be sure to include the shipping costs in your final price and then all the extra money goes right into your pocket and helps you grow your income.


Do you have a great logo?  Put it on a cup and sell it!



7. Online courses

If you have a personal system that has proven results for your clients, then consider putting all that expertise into an online course.  Courses typically are less expensive than one on one coaching so by offering an online course, you’re opening up your world to more clients.

Take your coaching steps and create modules that walk your clients through the information, Bonus points if you create all of your modules in video form. Your clients will love getting to know you and seeing your face each lesson.


Start brainstorming several ways to grow your income and pretty soon you’ll have a long list of ideas to create this year. Most of your skills can become a tangible income producer with just a little thought behind them. I’ve included a list of 7 ways to grow your income, what else will you think of?


Your blog biz best friend, Cee Lee


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