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Hey it’s me, Cee Lee….and I’m here with a page all about ME!  (wait. no. what?)  Let’s start again.

I’m Cee Lee and I’m here for YOU! I teach women how to start and run a business that blogs on WordPress so they can be in charge of their time, work comfortably at home, enjoy money again, and tell that jerk in the corner office to “suck it”!

You may have seen me and my hubby around the web as Helicopter Mom and Just Plane Dad but as kids often do, my daughter grew up, and I’m on to my next endeavor.  I hope you’ll join me.

Cee Lee Reed.com

I don’t take it lightly that you stopped by my little slice of the blogosphere when you have so many other amazing options.  Thank you.

My superpower is taking nothing and making it something. Something great. I taught myself all aspects of a business that blogs for promotion.  I specialize and truly believe in the WordPress platform and think you should too. It upsets me that incredible women, like you (and me), are often too damn busy with work and chores and kids to find a few minutes for ourselves. To build something. Anything.

My female clients tell me how they are always the last person on their list. The. Very. Last. WTH?

And when we finally get around to taking care of ourselves, we do things and want things that better everyone else’s life. I know that’s why I started my first blog; to make more money, to enrich my daughter and hubby’s life. I certainly wasn’t dreaming of new shoes or a solo vacay for myself.

We do all the work and others reap the reward. Well I’m here to tell you that will never change.  We’re women.  It’s hardwired in us.  We want MORE! And we want it so we can care for others. Nothing wrong with that.

BUT what if…just this once…you took a leap for yourself.  You. Just You. You decide to do it. To help your family; of course, and also to be proud of yourself. For what you want.

You can start a blog biz to be the woman you want to be:

  • Strong
  • Productive
  • Efficient
  • Lady Boss
  • Completely in control

You can start a blog biz to get what you want:

  • A new feeling (it’s called happiness) that has you jump out of bed each morning
  • Permission to attend every one of your kids’ school events. Every. Single. One.
  • Money for that expensive face cream (I’m a little addicted to Crème de la Mer)
  • Someone to clean your house so you don’t have to
  • Confidence that bursts from you and makes others jealous

I’m here to help you get what you want. FASTER than doing it alone.

To stop saying SOME DAY. To finally START. 


What good is my experience if I don’t share it?  What would that say about me? I’ll teach you exactly what I did to become successful blogging. IRL (in real life) I have worked outside the home keeping the top dogs at the top companies in the world organized, productive and on top of their game. I’ve also been self employed and owned several different businesses. Both provided for my family.

Cee Lee Reed

But I know that you are here to learn how to do it online. After all, passive income (hint: doesn’t happen automatically) is the coveted prize, right? I wanted what you want. Well, technically, I wanted what a psychic told me I wanted; a book. I decided that day to just do it. I made the switch. I knew NOTHING 4 short years ago.  NOTHING.

Sidenote: Yes, I got my book, well 2 to be exact. Collaborative books; one of which hit Amazon’s #1 list almost immediately. My dream happened twice.  In less than two years.

I hadn’t heard the word “blog”. Didn’t know what SEO meant. Had never purchased a digital product. Had no idea what to do. So I Googled. And planted my ass in the biz aisle of B&N to read everything I could.  I learned that I needed a platform (the blog) and that what sounds easy peasy isn’t.  It took me months to be ready and looking back so much time was wasted going it alone.

I don’t want you to WASTE one extra minute. I can help.

I can help you build your own business that blogs. I will hold your hand every step of the way.  I learned so much running my highly successful parenting blog (it’s been featured on major news and interviewed by most national TV personalities). It was profitable its first quarter and remains that way; even as I prepare to wind it down. Why leave it behind? My daughter has grown and so have I. I’m ready for the next chapter. It’s time to make room for a new MoM on the block! (perhaps that’s you?)

Here’s a little MoM brag – my beautiful family and faithful companion Tukker. Sometimes your heart really can survive outside of your body.

The family on CeeLeeReed.com

What’s Next?

My attention is now focused on growing CeeLeeReed.com and helping you create your own sweet life!  I want you to have all that your heart desires and it will take work.  I know you want the same feeling of success that I want. I know you have that list of dreams. You just have to commit. Start Today.

Let’s do this. Work With Me. I won’t let you down.

Smooches, Cee Lee


PS: If you really want to hear about the psychic, send me an email and I’ll tell you the whole story!

PPS: Head on over to the blog and leave me a comment.  Thanks!

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