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3 Goals To Set This Month To Grow Your Biz

Now that the newness of the year has worn off, it’s time to revisit our list of goals and see where we stand. Did you already crap out on some of them or is it smooth sailing? No need to worry if a goal that you established hasn’t quite come to fruition, just recommit to it this month. If you haven’t quite gotten around to writing out your big plan yet, then let me help.  Here are 3 goals to set this month that will help you grow your business that blogs. Read more

6 Success Rules of Business You Need to Learn – to thrive as a Lady Boss

Success Rules of Business That You Need To Learn As A Lady Boss from CeeLeeReed.com

Success is different for every Lady Boss. Some deem success by their bank account. Some by the amount of followers they have (not a great strategy btw). Others by the connections they’ve made with family.  For my business that blogs, it’s all of these that help me define success. Success is best achieved when you have set a plan to achieve it.  You are the boss. Create your own rules. Follow these 6 success rules of business and you’ll grow something amazing; sooner rather than later. Read more

Productivity tips that will boost your business + your work day

Productivity tips that boost your business and your work day by CeeLeeReed.com

Ask someone to define productivity and you’ll get as many answer as people you ask. Most people equate being productive with being busy. A grave mistake if you want to grow your business that blogs.  Ask any wise biz babe and she’ll tell you the truth. It’s not about being or looking busy, it’s about getting shit done. Yes, done. Productivity doesn’t happen with a magic pill you pop each morning, it’s a calculated effort to spend your time creating content and finishing projects. Here’s some of my personal productivity tips to help you plan your time wisely. Read more

WordPress Plugins you’ll need to use (if you want to sit at the popular table)!

Wordpress plugins you need to use by CeeLeeReed.com

The WordPress platform is without a doubt the best platform to build your own blog with. I may be biased and I’m not the only one. The ability to design your ideal blog with WordPress is just one of the reasons I love it. WordPress plugins are another.  In order to have all the functionality your little heart desires, you’ll need to add several WordPress plugins to your repertoire. Read more

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