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10+ Types of Content That You Need to Share On Your Blog Lady Boss!

10 Types of content that you need to share on your blog by

Blogging is such a great way to promote your business that blogs so make sure that you keep a constant supply of content available. ┬áMost biz owners that I meet state that their number one reason for failing to start a blog is because they are nervous about the amount and type of things to write about. Writing is fun for me so I don’t fully get the hesitation around creating posts but I do understand that it isn’t so easy for everyone. ┬áTo combat the writer’s block, I’m giving you a list of the 10 Types of content that you need to share on your blogtoday. Read more

WordPress speed hacks your readers will love!

Wordpress speed hacks so readers will love your blog on

Blogging on WordPress is the perfect choice. Your slight learning curve in the beginning will be well worth it once your reader traffic grows and you have followers. WordPress offers such functionality and impressive options that create an enjoyable experience for your fans and the brands that want to work with you. The options you can choose to design, optimize and grow your blog are endless and each one comes at a cost; the response time of your website. Not to worry. Here are some of the best WordPress speed hacks that I’ve found floating around the blogosphere. Read more

6 Facebook Posts You Need To Write For Your Fans!

6 Facebook Posts You Need To Write For Your Fans by

Facebook is one of those social media platforms that you’ll want to spend a good amount of time on. Unless you completely ignore that account, it’s probably going to be in your top two analytics consistently. It’s a great business booster to share your blog posts and experience throughout the blogosphere. Here are 6 Facebook posts to share with your fans so they’ll feel more valued and engaged with your brand. Read more

18 Content Upgrades people love (so give them away)

18 Content upgrades people love so add them to your blog today by

Everyone loves a freebie and getting a gift for next to nothing. Content upgrades are the equivalent of an almost free gift from a friend. The only thing that is required to get the freebie is to hand over your email address to the blog writer. Fair trade in my book. Content upgrades are a way to entice your reader to explore how you create useful items beyond the typical text post. Read more

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