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Get to Inbox Zero and Stay There (5 Tips to Cut Thru the Crap)!

Get to Inbox Zero with

Will we ever obtain that illustrious INBOX ZERO? Entrepreneurs like us should flee at the sound of an empty inbox-after all, wouldn’t that mean no one wants our services? Mic drop. Kidding aside, we always hear this and that (it’s like this and like that and like this and uh) about ways to achieve an inbox zero and we salivate at the thought of that momentous occasion when it happens. Spoiler alert-it never happens. Read more

Organize your work day using a planner + these 3 Tips

Organize your work day with

Staying organized has to be at the top of every entrepreneurs to do list. There simply isn’t any room within a profitable business for chaos and happenstance. All of the goals that you’ve set for growth won’t mean anything if you can’t focus on implementing a schedule to complete them. You must organize your work day using a planner or electronic calendar in order to be successful. Don’t you agree?
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You Need A Strategic Planning Process + Why Mine Is Ongoing

You need a Strategic Planning Process and shows you why

Strategic planning isn’t just for those guys in the corner office wearing three piece suits. ┬áBusiness owners that blog need to create a strategic planning process that will bring them the success their goals were built on. ┬áPreparation will always trump spontaneity when it comes to your business. ┬áBe organized and determined to create a better biz.

Unlike setting business goals where you dream up the success you want for your business as the end result, a strategic planning process will ensure that you meet those goals by preparing for and tracking the steps of achievement every day. Read more

Organize Your Email Inbox (hint: use folders labels and filters)

Organize your email inbox using filters and labels with

Keeping your business organized will save you tons of time and heartache down the road. You will not have to waste your precious time looking for lost items or wondering where you put those tax receipts. One of the most time consuming tasks that business owners that blog have on their to-do list is email. Reading emails and returning responses is a task that has to be done and can consume alot of your work hours. The best way to control this aspect of your business is to organize your email inbox with filters and labels. Read more

9 Habits of Organized Boss Ladies that Have Their Shit Together!

9 Habits of organized Boss Ladies on

Getting yourself and your work space organized is important to the health of your business that blogs. Clutter and chaos will inevitably tear down the foundation you’ve built with their constant neediness. Whether you know it or not, disorganization is holding you back. You’ve got to get your shit together to have success in your biz. The good news is that you can learn with these 9 Habits of organized boss ladies. Read more

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