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Manage time and outsource these 9 tasks + keep your business efficiency flowing

Manage your time by outsourcing these 9 tasks with

Ask every business owner you meet and the one thing they want is more time. It’s as if we’re all in some super secret club and the password is “more hours in the day”. We all get the same 24 hours 7 days per week and how you use them is what differentiates us. Use them wisely and efficiently and you’ll watch your business grow. Waste your precious time and your business that blogs will flounder and frustrate you. Efficiency is not a mindset, it’s an essential component of working well.  You need to focus on those tasks that create income and manage time by outsourcing these 9 tasks.  Read more

6 Ways To Make Your Morning Less Stressful + how to get hubby involved!

Working from home has been a blessing. No more struggling with the right outfit, rushing to beat hubby to the shower and running out of milk in my cereal bowl. I’m now able to enjoy a leisurely exit from my comfy bed and start the morning in the most positive way possible. Besides running my own business, not having the “morning scurry” is probably my most favorite reason for being an entrepreneur.  I have found 6 ways to make your morning less stressful that will put you in the right mindset to start your  busy day. Read more

Tame the email inbox beast (for your own sanity)

Tame the email inbox beast to run your biz more efficiently with

Business owners spend a lot of time in their email inbox. It’s a necessary evil for those of us that are building a business that blogs. However antiquated email feels, your clients are using it and truth be told, many love it. I enjoy email as it allows me to react and respond on my time frame and not someone else’s. Think about it, a phone call is immediate and unless you ignore it (don’t do that in biz) you are sort of held hostage. Email is communication that works with my schedule. You do need to tame the email inbox beast though or you’ll quickly be overwhelmed. Read more

Time Management Tips for Pretty Ladies (like you) + Blog Post Pre-Publish Checklist

Time Management Tips for Women + blog post pre-publish checklist on

We all have the same amount of time in our day. How we manage the 24 hours that we get depends largely on the goals we have for our business and life. Set too many goals and you’re going to be rushed and stressed to fit it all in between hubby, kids and the dog.  No matter where you are right now (chaos or complacency), there are time management tips for pretty ladies like yourself. Read more

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