Content types that you need to share on your blog today Lady Boss

10+ Types of Content That You Need to Share On Your Blog Lady Boss!

Blogging is such a great way to promote your business that blogs so make sure that you keep a constant supply of content available.  Most biz owners that I meet state that their number one reason for failing to start a blog is because they are nervous about the amount and type of things to write about. Writing is fun for me so I don’t fully get the hesitation around creating posts but I do understand that it isn’t so easy for everyone.  To combat the writer’s block, I’m giving you a list of the 10 Types of content that you need to share on your blogtoday.

10 Types of content that you need to share on your blog by

Content is King

#1 Video

No matter what you are talking about or the niche you’ve chosen, videos are the most powerful types of content that you need to share on your blog.  Readers love seeing your face on video. It is so much easier to believe what someone is telling you when you can read their facial expressions and see them on screen.  In my Facebook group Blog Biz & Female Entrepreneur Tips, I have a bunch of ladies that are afraid of showing up on video.  Here’s what I tell them (and you); get over it.  Get your beautiful face out there.

You can grow a business faster on Facebook with video content.

#2 Company Growth

Why do you think those month end reporting posts are so popular?  It’s because we’re nosy.  There I said it.  Women love to have a sneak peek behind the scenes look into each other’s lives.  Particularly when that look is focused on your blog biz.

I decided to offer this type of content and it is almost always one of my most popular posts.  And if done right, these sort of summary posts will keep you accountable to the goals you’ve set.  Let your fans get excited right along with you and make sure you share your company growth.

Some stats to include are:

  • Income
  • Pageviews
  • Social media followers

#3 How you got to where you are

One of the most exciting types of content that you need to share on your blog is the story of how you got to where you are. You’ll see this type of content regularly on your Facebook feed from bloggers that have made it.  Holla out to some of my favs (Melyssa Griffin and Mariah Coz).

Women love to feel a connection to the story so be sure that you write several posts a year that tell your clients how you became successful. Normally we’ve tried several different paths before we find the road we trust and follow for our business so every single branch and iteration is another opportunity to share online.  PRO TIP: A great place to tell this story is on your About Me page.

Comment below and tell me the most exciting part of your journey!

#4 Announce new hires

Just like in #2 above, your readers want to feel included in what goes on in your biz.  Share announcements about the new team you’ve just arrived. Yes, even if it’s just one VA.  This type of content that you need to share on your blog has double the bang for your buck. Not only are you writing more posts but your new team member will be thrilled that you mentioned her.  Don’t we all like to see our name in print?

#5 How To Guide

There’s no better way to showcase your expertise to future clients than with your own How-To blog post. It’s important that you are constantly offering value to your readers (or they’ll stop coming) so give them what they want and create a How-To.  PRO TIP: This type of blog post works great as a content upgrade too!

How do you know what to include? Ask yourself these questions:

  1. What does my reader need to know about my niche?
  2. What are the top 3 questions that my fans ask?
  3. What problem can I solve in my industry?
  4. How should I show them the best way to fix their issue?
  5. What topic am I an expert at?

#6 Client case study

Case studies are a great way to highlight the amazing results you got for one of your clients so coaches, take note.  A case study tells the full story of someone’s “rags to riches” story. If you’re an expert at social media and your tips grew your client’s following from 0-10K in less than 90 days…write a blog post that showcases this success.

We’ve all heard that it takes client’s a little bit of time to decide they want to work with you so any facts and proof positive you can present will help them with their decision.  Take your client’s testimonial, write it up in a step by step and feature the results all over the blogosphere. People who are teetering on the edge of working with you will come clamoring for your services.

Interested in my services?  Work With Me and we’ll grow your biz together!

#7 Tools you love and recommend

The best part about creating a business that blogs is sharing your follies and success stories with potential clients. Have you found some tools that make your biz life easier?  SHARE THEM. Just like I do with my Twitter Tools page.

Don’t be afraid to give your readers a snapshot of the knowledge you have.  Writing a blog post about the tools you use is one of the best types of content that you need to share on your blog. What can you write about right now that will help others?

Twitter tools from

#8 Roundup of your most popular posts

Your blog’s sidebar is prime real estate and you need to use its content wisely. Be sure to add a widget that features your blog’s most visited and popular posts. Think about your actions when you arrive on a website.  Do you immediately read the post or hover over the sidebar items?  Exactly.

Be sure that your sidebar shows your best stuff. Don’t be shy. Highlight those goodies!  And if you’re just starting out and don’t have the analytics yet, just make sure to highlight your most recent posts.  Give your reader a reason to stick around. You can always change out the posts later to drive traffic to your best content.

#9 FAQ for your products

Customers will buy your products if they are done well; no surprise there. But those that are more reticent to part with their pesos, will need a little convincing. Your FAQ post will help customers buy.  Think of every single question you can imagine a customer having about your product (ebook, course, coaching package) and then answer it >>>>> so they don’t have to ask.  DUH. Simple.

#10 Interview a Thought Leader in your niche

One of the best types of content that you need to share on your blog with your readers is an interview with an industry leader.  No matter your niche, you know that one person that is killing it in her biz.  And you want what she has.  Tell her.  Trust me, flattery will get you everywhere.

Once the shock wears off and she’s agreed to do an interview, make sure that you post it on your front page.  Not only will she have awesome tips that will totally help your readers, but she’ll end up sharing or linking to your content from her blog.  SCORE!

You’ve just been given some Google juice and street cred. I love hearing the stories of other blogger’s that have taken their business to places we only dream about and your readers will love it too.

Reach out to the thought leaders in your niche.  The worst that can happen is you’ll hear NO.  But if it’s a YES, you have a post that will be very valuable. Appreciate it. Appreciate her. Do a great job.  I have faith in you.

BONUS types of content that you need to share on your blog

Guest Post


Your launch strategy

Controversial shit (this will go viral if done right)

What type of content needs to be on this list? Tell me below.

Content is King and there are so many types of content that you need to share on your blog. Your readers will thank you and find value in your stories. Don’t write about the same thing over and over, pick a few of the examples in this post and watch your reader’s interest peak.  Enjoy creating again. We are all waiting to hear from you.

Your Blog Biz Best Friend, Cee Lee

PS: All of this content needs to have a home; have your checked out why you should be the WordPress Queen?

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