Content upgrades people love so start giving them away today

18 Content Upgrades people love (so give them away)

Everyone loves a freebie and getting a gift for next to nothing. Content upgrades are the equivalent of an almost free gift from a friend. The only thing that is required to get the freebie is to hand over your email address to the blog writer. Fair trade in my book. Content upgrades are a way to entice your reader to explore how you create useful items beyond the typical text post.

18 Content Upgrades People Love from

For bloggers, content upgrades or opt-ins as they’re often called can be the life blood of your business. Ask anyone and they’ll tell you that growing your email list is essential and that the names on your email list are worth more than their weight in gold.

Think about it, the people that loved your content enough to give you their private information are probably going to become your clients or at least raving fans. The only way to build a business is by adding clients.  Therefore, your list of fans is the golden ticket (sorry Willy Wonka) to your success.

Social media accounts are a fun way to interact with your potential customers but let’s face it, all that can go away in a blink. Ask any biz owner what a pain in the butt it was when Facebook decided to shut their shit down…without explanation…without cause. Your lovely followers’ accounts don’t belong to you, you’re borrowing them just long enough to move them to your email list. Eye opening huh?

Now, if you’re thinking that all of this “race to the email list holy grail” seems a bit shady and self-serving; STOP. It’s not. How else can you best serve the women that need your services so badly if you aren’t able to talk to them regularly on your own terms?  


Asking for an email address so that you can help others grow their own business that blogs is the right thing to do. Be forewarned: you have to do the right thing though.


When your followers trust you enough to join your list, treat them well.

  • Give them what you promised at signup; no bait and switch
  • Deliver the freebie immediately
  • Get to know them and ask their opinions [that’s what autoresponders are for]
  • Help them with your expertise
  • Share your knowledge


Every touch point in the client’s path to you must be valuable and worthy content. Don’t waste your time or your reader’s time by offering some piece of crap freebie that took you 15 minutes to put together. Value your reader’s time as much as your own and provide exactly what they need for their greatest pain point.


Cater to Moms? How about a list of healthy menus they can make in less than 20 mins?

Women entrepreneurs? Can you say editorial calendar template?


You get the picture. If you’re going to ask for their email address (and trust), give them something phenomenal in return.

18 Content upgrades people love so add them to your blog today by

Here are 18 Content Upgrades people love

(so start giving them away today)


1. Your favorite WordPress plugins

2. List of blogs that accept guest posts 

3. Social media post image sizing chart

4. Tips and tricks to grow their Twitter account

5. Expense and budget spreadsheet

6. Stock images to use on Instagram

7. Blog post topic brainstorm worksheet (or work with me and I’ll create 52 weeks for you)

8. Sales funnel templates

9. Cheat sheets or How-To’s for your niche

10. Email swipe files (personal fave to receive)

11. Video lessons

12. Printables

13. Step by step list on how to Build Your Own Blog

14. List of potential blog post titles

15. Take them on a 21 Day Parenting Adventure

16. Free sample of your best product or a coupon to buy at discounted rate

17. Audio file of you reading aloud a biz book

18. Blog home page critique and suggestions for improvement


Growing your business that blogs is much easier when you consistently add value for your reader. Help them make the change in their life that they came to you for in the first place. Content upgrades allow you an opportunity to show off your stuff (woo hoo) and grab your potential client’s attention. Place your content upgrades all over your website; put them in blog posts, home page popups, sidebar widgets and of course your header/footer. Converting a client starts with that all important first step of grabbing their attention and asking for their email address. Once on board, treat them like royalty.


What content upgrades do you like getting?


Your blog biz best friend, Cee Lee

PS: How are you doing with those 3 areas of focus that your business needs?



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