Great Boss Ladies do these things every day and you should too!

Great Boss Ladies do these things every day (and you should too)!

Being a Lady Boss is not easy. We often have to be everything to everyone. Fun, right?  It can be super draining and yet surprisingly energizing at the same time. We started our business that blogs so we can be the boss. We know how to make a difference in the lives of women and owe it to them to offer our services and knowledge. We want to educate and encourage others and most importantly we hope to build a team that believes in our vision. Growing your biz means that sooner or later you are going to have to hire help.  Great Boss Ladies do these things every day and you should too!

Great Boss Ladies do these things every day with

How do you spend your day?

Great Boss Ladies Build Their Team

#1  As a boss, it’s your job to ensure the team is competent. Yes, you are the one that hired them, but interview skills are completely separate from day-to-day activity know how. Don’t be afraid to test the skills of your would be candidates during the interview process. Allow for a few subtle mistakes due to nerves, but beyond that, make sure the person you are hiring for your team is competent in the skills you need.

Be true to all team members if the new girl isn’t cutting it.  As women business owners, we tend to overlook flaws for too long because we “feel bad” with termination…but it’s not fair to everyone else to have to pull up the slack for those that aren’t hacking it. If you think that you may just have the wrong impression or got off on the wrong foot, ask the others.  Believe me, you’ll get an honest response.

Factor in the workload, the responses and your own gut feeling and make the right choice. Terminate an employee if they aren’t working at capacity.


Have high expectations for the people you hire in your biz.

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#2  Praise your team members often. No one wants to be stuck working for a boss that is a mean girl. Or worse yet, ignores their team.  Build up your team with kudos and atta-girls whenever it’s appropriate. No need to go overboard here or the praise will seem insincere, but work done well (outside of the normal scope of expectations) deserves acknowledgement.

Great Boss Ladies show their appreciation by:

  • Flowers
  • Lunch date
  • Sincere statement about how proud you are


#3  Exude and teach confidence to your team. How long have you been the CEO? Remember back to those first days when you were so afraid of failure that your confidence levels needed a swift kick in the ass. Don’t let your team fail to thrive because they lack the confidence to try new things.

Create an environment around the office (or online) that lets them know they are free to make mistakes and you’re open to new ideas. You may just find a rare gem in one of your workers that builds your business profit. Confidence comes by choosing to try something one time and then succeeding at it. Great Boss Ladies let their team try!


#4  Lead your team from the front. Be the example. You can’t show up for work 30 minutes late and expect that your team won’t notice and think it’s acceptable. Try to remember that at every minute, they are watching. Always. Watching.

Great Boss Ladies are always being watched on


Your awesome team is watching you do these things every day:

  • Get to work on time
  • Dress professionally
  • Talk to others with respect
  • Pay your bills on time
  • Enjoy running your business


#5  Are you thankful? Do you frequently thank others for your success?  Whether it’s for that lead, the Starbucks latte that just showed up on your desk or the kudos from a grumpy client…be thankful. I love to think about how spectacular I’ve been in business but first and foremost, I gave thanks to God and the Universe.  I also know that without readers, like you, my blog would be just a place to type my fingers to the bone.

When you Work With Me one-on-one, we dedicate some time to practicing the art of being thankful. It doesn’t always come easily; particularly when your business that blogs isn’t where you’d like it to be yet.


Thank you for visiting my website and for believing in me!

Great Boss Ladies Know Their Shit

#6  Know your numbers. Know where your business stands. This is one of the main things that entrepreneurs must do to succeed. It may sound a bit compulsive to be looking at your stats, goals, and income each day…and if you don’t, you’ll lose track of where you stand. Having an online business means that your status is going to fluctuate wildly from day to day. It’s just the nature of the beast.

Each morning before you sit down to work, take a quick peek at your Google analytics, your PayPal account, your email inbox and that little pink sticky note with your goals written on it.  Jot these numbers down and know them.

  1. Pageviews on your website/blog
  2. Top traffic referrer
  3. Total income so far this month
  4. New opportunities you’ve been contacted about

These things will help you grow so you’ve got to be sensible and know when your business is in good standing or whether it’s time to get your butt in gear.  This happened to me in April…major dip in activity…so ramped up efforts to compensate for the downward trend. You cannot fix what you don’t know is broken. Know your numbers.


#7  Great Boss Ladies review their mission statement and company vision until it’s ingrained in their brain.  Insane in the membrane, insane in the brain.  Oops, got off topic there.  Make sure that you have a mission for your online business and then work on tasks that bring it to fruition. My mission is why I do what I do.

To help 1K women every year start a blog and grow their biz so they have MORE…Freedom. Family. Peace. Money. Smiles. Today.


#8  Work on your goals every chance you get. Once you’ve set your business goals (or personal ones), you need to execute a plan for reaching them. It’s always much more fun to think about meeting goals then it is to do the work to reach them. No worries. Create a list of goals that you envision for your business, then write a list of tasks you will have to do to meet each goal, then do a few tasks from the list every day. Even if you do only 1 thing each day, you’ll be a hell of a lot closer next month. Right?

Wait, we’re not done yet.  Once you’ve set your goals, you must review them often and course correct if needed. It’s not uncommon to establish such lofty goals (particularly when you’re just starting out) and then realizing they are pipe dreams your first year.  No biggie. Review and tweak them to more reasonable numbers. PRO TIP: Don’t start with low goals that are easily reached or you’ll gip yourself out of growth. Start high and update later.

Need some help with your goals?

Join Blog Biz & Female Entrepreneur Tips and grab the goals training video and worksheet.


#9 Great Boss Ladies share what they know. We aren’t afraid of competition. The sooner you understand that your clients and fans will flock to you because of YOU, the happier you’ll be. There are a million different ways to teach business building and most of the information is the same.  It’s not often you’ll hear something new.  But, the reason you come to me is because you like my style and the way I present the facts.

I love to share my knowledge and almost always do that for free, should you ask. Yes, I am in business to earn a profit, but it doesn’t hurt my biz one bit to give some things away.  And, it proves that I’m 100% committed to my mission statement.

Once you have loyal fans, treat them well or they will go elsewhere. Even though we’re not afraid of competition, be mindful that there are many other outlets vying for your clients attention. Provide value at every opportunity.

Great Boss Ladies Know What They Don’t Know

#10 Always be learning. There are so many changes in this digital world that you’ve got to keep up.  Recognize that you don’t know it all and continue learning about your industry.  Caveat: Don’t get stuck in analysis paralysis.  Take action on what you’ve learned. Take action right away or you never will.


Constantly take action so your business doesn’t get stagnant. Always be learning.


#11 Women are used to multi-tasking and many think they excel at it. I don’t have to remind you that study after study has been conducted and multi-tasking just isn’t effective. Focus on your strengths. Focus on your one amazing ability. Great Boss Ladies know to stay on topic and ignore the niches they aren’t cultured in.

It doesn’t matter if you really love using Facebook Ads if you aren’t experienced in teaching about them. Don’t come off as the expert in everything. Master your 1 thing and stick to it.  Leave the other stuff to someone else. Your clients need to know exactly what you offer and why you are so great at it. Be known for doing your thang…not everythang.


Being a good Boss comes easy for the woman that believes in herself and her company. Great Boss Ladies do these things every day and you should too if you want to grow and sustain your business that blogs.


Your Blog Biz Best Friend, Cee Lee

PS: Being a great Boss starts with building a great online business; check out this post on how to build your own blog.




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    Glad you spoke about taking care of the team especially if someone is not pulling their weight…we have to remember it’s not personal but all business great post ❤

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