Manage time by outsourcing these 9 business tasks to others

Manage time and outsource these 9 tasks + keep your business efficiency flowing

Ask every business owner you meet and the one thing they want is more time. It’s as if we’re all in some super secret club and the password is “more hours in the day”. We all get the same 24 hours 7 days per week and how you use them is what differentiates us. Use them wisely and efficiently and you’ll watch your business grow. Waste your precious time and your business that blogs will flounder and frustrate you. Efficiency is not a mindset, it’s an essential component of working well.  You need to focus on those tasks that create income and manage time by outsourcing these 9 tasks. Manage time by hiring others to help on

I find it hard to delegate as I’m a perfectionist that prefers to do things myself. This trait has driven me to learn all aspects of my business and keeps me excited about new opportunities. Unfortunately, I’ve also wasted time (that I don’t have enough of) doing non-income producing tasks that could be better served by someone hired to handle.

Delegation allows you to use your time to achieve more with your blog. Doing everything will inevitably cause your business to suffer or worse yet, your health. Overwhelm causes stress and stress is costly. Avoid it by delegating those routine tasks around your home and business to someone else. Focus on the game changers.

Stress is the #1 cause of all health problems. Avoid it at all costs.

Here are Home tasks you need to outsource today

1.Grocery shopping

By the time that you write up the weekly list, separate out your coupons, drive to the store, spend an hour shopping and then head home, you’ve wasted too much time. Time away from your business that could’ve been spent creating products to sell your valued readers. Obviously your family has to eat however this household chore is just a time suck.

Hire someone else shop for you. Negotiate with hubby or an older teen if you have them around. Pay the neighbor you love some extra gas money each month to help you out. Think about it…everyone has to eat so everyone is shopping. Find someone that needs to make a little extra money and hire them.

Make it easy for the person in charge of groceries by:

  • Creating a master list of foods by aisle and store, then then just circle what’s needed
  • Have a cash envelope ready with the weekly (or monthly) budget; no bank trips=less time
  • Shop monthly if at possible
  • Find one grocery store that carries all items or sacrifice that brand name for a generic

If hiring someone is too costly right now, then at least make this chore as time saving as possible. Did you know that many stores like Walmart offer online ordering and curbside pickup? Some will even deliver to your door. So you are only sacrificing the time it takes to place the order.

2. House cleaning

Keeping a home running smoothly is important and regardless of whether or not you have children, the mess will start to collect. I have three people in my home but for some reason there is a never-ending supply of dirty dishes in the sink and laundry piles. I’m not sure where it comes from honestly!

I’m one of those weirdo’s that love to clean and organize the rooms of my home. Makes me feel in charge but I know that cleaning is a chore that can be done by anyone with the same result.  It’s not like you go to school to learn how to mop a floor; it’s the same task done the same way no matter who does it.  Which makes it the perfect candidate to use to manage your time by outsourcing.

There are tons of companies that offer maid services at reasonable prices. When you consider that your home is kept in an immaculate state for a few hundred dollars a month, it’s well worth it.  Go sell a few tripwire products and you’ve more than paid for housekeeping. PRO TIP: Exchange cleaning services with someone that wants your coaching or expertise. Win Win.

Teach your family members to clean up after themselves and handle the chores related to their own mess. Kids of all ages can be taught to do laundry, wash dishes or feed the pets.

3.Yard work

My hubby loves to neatly manicure the yard and plants around our home so bonus for me, I don’t have to waste time mowing. I figure I’ve saved thousands on therapy because if anything is wrong or we’ve had an argument, out goes hubby to the lawn.  By the time he’s finished perfecting our 3/4 acre, he’s in no condition to argue and I win by default. (tee hee)

You can hire the neighbor boys to keep your grass looking great for a few dollars each week. It’s worth it. Trust me. Don’t spend time away from your business on this chore.

Here are Business tasks you need to outsource today to manage time better

There are virtual assistants (VA’s) all over the blogosphere and no matter what business task you need to do you can manage time better by outsourcing any of the following. Ask for references and implement a trial project to ensure that you work well together and then hand off those items that you do not need to focus on.

1.Calendar management

Hire someone to keep your calendar appointments, meetings and to-do list under control. Electronic and online schedules make it easy for multiple people to share the same information. Meet weekly to discuss all opportunities and events that come up or that you’d like to fit in, then have your VA book them.

A good assistant can even setup your first calendar if you’ve neglected to do this for yourself. Business owners need to schedule their time so they can efficiently grow their biz and meet their goals. You’ll need to find an organized person that can translate the things you are randomly doing to run your blog onto paper or an online calendar like Google calendar. Once you account for all of your time, you’ll have a built in accountability partner.

Email or message your assistant with items that need to be added, moved or canceled. Less you have to do. If hiring isn’t in the budget right now, then be sure to spend an hour getting yourself organized so that when you are ready to delegate this task, it’s under control and makes sense.

2.Social Media

Promoting your business that blogs takes a lot of time.  A. Lot. Of. Time. Manage time by outsourcing your social media sharing and interactions. This is one task that I need to take my own advice on. I spend a lot of time scheduling out my social media shares of my blog posts, Facebook posts and group threads. Couple that with all of the live and manual sharing that I need to do and it’s overwhelm city.

Social media managers handle every aspect of your promotion the minute you hit publish of that blog post. Heck, you can hire someone to write for you although I wouldn’t suggest it. Readers want you in your words. Social media managers will create a schedule that makes sense for the platforms they are promoting on (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest) and they are experienced enough to keep up with the trends and algorithm changes that happen daily.

Use these programs to save you time if you’re not quite ready to hire out.

  • Hootsuite -Facebook, Twitter, Instagram
  • Tailwind-Pinterest
  • Buffer-Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, G+, LinkedIn

3.Taxes and bookkeeping

Do you dread doing your taxes?  I do. It’s great to see how much your business has grown over the years but compiling all of those numbers and forms is monotonous. Hire out this task. Accountants are available at a very economical cost compared to the level of importance of the job they are doing. They are trained to ensure accuracy, very important, with your business figures.

A good accountant will even suggest improvements to your receipt handling and perhaps find deductible items you hadn’t thought of. They know the laws and eat breathe and sleep math.  If you’ve heard nothing else that I’ve said today, then hear this. Manage time by outsourcing your accounting immediately to a CPA that understands your type of blog biz.  Someone like Amy.


I love taking photos of my daughter and Tukker but for me it’s just a hobby; I’m not that good at it. Photography is sort of the face of your blog so if this isn’t your forte, then outsource it. You could hire a photographer to represent your blog’s branding and vision or you can simply purchase images from a variety of companies. There are even tons of online stock images to use for free.  Don’t spend hours getting just the right lighting and pose; spend a few dollars to buy your photos from the experts.


My weekly VIP List is fun for me and one of my favorite ways to talk to my fans however many business owners feel like it’s a chore. If you do, hire a VA to create a newsletter template for you in Mailchimp. Now all you have to do is fill in the juicy tidbits of your blog biz and hit send. Your VA could also write these for you but again (word of caution here) most of your clients want to get to know you and your voice so if you’re hiring out this task; be sure to mention it so they don’t feel duped later on.

You can be sure that my blog posts and my VIP List writing is all me. My words. My opinions. My promises.

If you’re not feeling the newsletter vibe or just can’t afford to pay someone yet, you can always use the FREE Mailchimp account to send out your blog’s weekly RSS feed. Your readers will get your blog posts in their email and it will help build an attachment to you. The free account doesn’t allow for automated emails ($10/month) but you can skip the fancy writing and just manually send the rss feed each week; should only take minutes.

Manage time by hiring others to help on

6.Website creation and design

Another task that should be handled by an expert if time is of the essence is website or blog setup. You’re eager to get your business that blogs rolling and often times you don’t have any extra hours to learn how to do this yourself. Setting up a blog isn’t difficult but it can be time consuming when you’re just starting out and overwhelm sets in. Manage time better by hiring someone to assist.

Once the website is created, newbies often struggle with the look and feel of their design…which leads them to give up before even getting started. Don’t be a quitter. If you can’t fathom the thought of all this techy stuff, work with me and I’ll do it for you. Better yet, DIY it with the help of my WordPress Masterclass. How proud you’ll be having accomplished it!

Delegating tasks will help you manage time better and allow others to see you as the leader of your business. It’s your job to focus on the income producing items and those that only you can create. Allowing others to accept responsibility for the necessary tasks gives them a feeling of worth as they assist you in building your dream biz. Start today and manage time by outsourcing business tasks that others can do for you.  You’ll be so glad you did!

Your blog biz best friend, Cee Lee

PS: Ready to build your own blog and manage time better by delegating tasks to your capable VA? Don’t put it off or you’ll be stuck in the same place next month. Start now.

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