Month end reporting from Cee Lee Reed for December 2016

Month End Reporting | December 2016

Well it’s the last Wednesday of the month and that means it’s time for the month end reporting. Making these reports public holds me accountable to the goals I’ve set for this blog and my business. The month end reporting will provide a trend that I can use to see where I need to grow and change.

Each month, I’ll share my stats as well as the tasks that are working to help build my biz. I know that sharing this information will help you create and grow your own business that blogs. Please let me know if there is a metric that you’d like to see and not currently reported.


Dec 2016 month end reporting on

Social media stats for partial month end reporting (launched 12/5)


Zero to 162 followers.

Goal set for 6,000 followers by the end of the year so I need to average 500 per month.

Facebook group

Zero to 54 members.

Goal set for 600 by the end of the year so I need to average 50 per month.



Zero to 44 followers.

Goal set for 600 by the end of the year so I need to average 50 per month.



Zero to 47 followers.

Goal set for 600 by the end of the year so I need to average 50 per month.

Alexa stats

US ranking 433,710.  Have no idea where I started.  Not really concerned about this metric at this time. Month end reporting should show consistent up trend as more visitors will lower the ranking number.  FYI-the lower the number ranking, the better.  Google is ranked #1 if that tells you anything.


Number one referrer this month was Facebook which makes the most sense as it was where I focused all of my marketing efforts.



Zero to 1,050 pageviews.

Goal set for 4,000 pageviews each month.  This goal will obviously need to be adjusted much higher as it took little effort to get the increase currently showing.

VIP List

Zero to 33 subscribers.

Goal set for 2500 subscribers at the end of the year so I need to average 208 each month.


What worked this month

1. Sending a PM to my Facebook friends with an invitation to join my community.  This was the only thing done to garner new members (that I just love). Some owners will add members directly to their group and I find that rude, so I won’t be doing that. The new year will bring more promotion of the Blog Biz & Entrepreneur Tips community via social media posts.

2. Posting in FB groups that I’m a part of definitely helped drive traffic this month.  It’s much quicker to join a daily thread and get lots of eyes on your blog than hoping your friends will see a post on your profile.  Thanks Facebook, not really.

3. Readers seem to be enjoying the VIP List emails every Friday night.  I love getting replies via email and seeing the open rates skyrocket.  Obviously this can be that we’re still in the newlywed phase of the weekly newsletter, but I’ll take it.


What didn’t work this month

1. Randomly growing all social media accounts at one time without any real focus.  Since December was essentially used to get the new blog up and running, I sort of haphazardly dived into promoting everywhere just to have the blogosphere realize I’m out here.  Looking forward to see the difference once utilizing my marketing strategy plan.


Tip: Focus on one social media account each month or quarter. Once it’s grown; move on to another until they are all cruising along at an acceptable growth.


2. Reaching out to my parenting blog’s readers. No surprise that since my niche is now business and blog related, most of my parenting readership has no interest.  Shouldn’t surprise me but I did think that I’d have a few more clicks in the newsletter simply out of curiosity.  Oh well.  To grow, I need to find the right audience; not dwell on the wrong one.


Most popular blog post:

The most popular blog post this month was Set business goals that are keepers; so you’ll finally achieve them! I’m so glad that you all loved it!


Income Goals

I built this first year’s income goal on the premise of selling one of my signature programs each month. Very reasonable goal considering my primary focus is not on income this year; it’s on GROWTH.  I intend to focus on growing my blog readership, social media accounts and my community. Once they are established, which God willing will happen this new year; I’ll switch to a more money-centric goal.  Luckily for me, I do have income from my parenting blog to rely on for now. If you’re ready to work with me, don’t be shy…book today.

Things to try

1. Quora for driving traffic. When I first started blogging, Quora was coming online and I used to share my expertise frequently by answering their member’s questions.  I sort of moved on after awhile however now that they have gained in popularity, I believe this could be a great traffic driver for my blog. I also like that my knowledge is tested by so many different types of questions and it betters my clients when my skills are kept current.

2. Focusing on only 4 Facebook groups beyond my own community. OMGee, this one will be difficult.  I just love being a part of so many groups full of wonderful ladies that I can have fun with and learn from.  Unfortunately, there are not enough hours in my day and I easily get sucked into the vortex time suck and neglect my other business tasks. I’m going to weed out those with less engagement from members that I can help directly.


(Sorry-if your group gets axed…I really do love you).  Just. Can’t. Stay.

3. Facebook live videos.  They are such an easy way to meet and talk with your community.  I’m not sure why I haven’t done this yet.  Done plenty of other videos so need to stop stalling. What topic would you like me to speak about? 

December was such an exciting month and all in all, I’m thrilled with the success of my blog’s first month end reporting. How is your blog going?  What are you working on this month? Tell me in the comments.

Your blog biz best friend, Cee Lee

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