Month end reporting from Cee Lee Reed for February 2017

Month End Reporting | February 2017

It’s time for the month end reporting. Making these reports public holds me accountable to the goals I’ve set for this blog and my business. The month end reporting will provide a trend that I can use to see where I need to grow and change.


How February 2017 ended up on


Each month, I’ll share my stats as well as the tasks that are working to help build my biz. I know that sharing this information will help you create and grow your own business that blogs.  Even though we have a slightly shorter month, the stats have stayed pretty consistent so I’m happy about that.

Social media stats for month end reporting


854 followers. GOAL NOT MET (sort of ignored Twitter in Feb so no surprise on this fail)

Goal set for 6,000 followers by the end of the year so I need to average 500 per month.

Follow me on my Twitter account.

Thoughts: Sort of ignored Twitter this month so no surprise that this goal failed. Twitter is my least impactful social network at this point so it will be the one that gets my attention last. Having said that, I love sharing and reading tweets but growth seems superficial right now. The accounts I follow are not my clients, rather some of my mentors.

Facebook group

109 members. GOAL MET

Goal set for 600 by the end of the year so I need to average 50 per month.

Join the Blog Biz & Entrepreneur Tips for Women Facebook group.


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197 followers. GOAL MET

Goal set for 600 by the end of the year so I need to average 50 per month.

Follow me on my Instagram account.



161 followers. GOAL MET

Goal set for 600 by the end of the year so I need to average 50 per month.

Follow me on my Pinterest account.

Alexa stats

US ranking 338,809-lowered from 486K. Not concerned about this metric at this time. Month end reporting should show consistent up trend as more visitors will lower the ranking number.  FYI-the lower the number ranking, the better.  Google is ranked #1 if that tells you anything.


Number one referrer this month was Facebook which makes the most sense as it was where I focus most of my marketing efforts. I did slip a bit this month in getting to other pages to promo my packages but I’ll get back on that soon.  I do think it’s nice to give the share threads a break once in a while.  I expect that Pinterest will start moving up in the ranking due to my new Tailwind scheduling.



1,144 pageviews. GOAL NOT MET

Goal set for 4,000 pageviews each month.

Thoughts: Unfortunately I realized that for about 9 days this month my analytics weren’t recording the visits.  I believe it’s due to a plugin update error that overrode the settings.  Removed and we’re back in business.

I’ve been trying out a new analytics viewer inside my WordPress dashboard (instead of hard coding the UA code in my header) and it failed. Live and learn when using a plugin.  Anyway, this month end reporting pageviews suck big time but I anticipate that once I’m outside of those 9 days exclusion again, we’ll be back up to normal numbers (which is about 1500).

VIP List

54 subscribers. GOAL NOT MET

Goal set for 2500 subscribers at the end of the year so I need to average 208 each month.

Thoughts: I advertise my VIP List every Friday and I truly thought it would be a bit easier to grow this list but it’s been slow going. Again, probably just needs more focus and commitment to list building. I have sworn allegiance to my FB group this first quarter so other metrics are growing more slowly but they’ll pick up once they are thrown into the mix more consistently.

I also know that I need to create an autoresponder series on my signups so that my poor list members don’t feel like they’ve been abandoned waiting for Friday. As of right now, you get on the list at signup and don’t hear anything else until the first Friday, when you get my weekly summary. Horrible way to leave my valued readers.


I apologize for leaving you hanging. The first few months of a biz are overwhelming.


What worked this month

1. Facebook did me a solid and discovered my group and started promoting it to my ideal members.  I had about 4 new members mention that my group was offered to them during a search of the word “entrepreneur”.  Yay!

I also scheduled out weekly invites to join my group via Hootsuite and it seems to be working. Each day the post goes live I inevitably get a new sign up.  I plan on keeping up with this. Hey, why don’t you join us in the Blog Biz & Entrepreneur Tips for Women  community; it’s a great group of women and you get tons of access to ME.


2. Using Tailwind definitely got engagement on my Pinterest account.  I’m still in my free trial of 100 pins throughout most of February so I was very conservative on the number of pins that went out each day. I didn’t notice that it drove alot of traffic to the site but it definitely got me followers. I intend to purchase the subscription and amp up the daily pinning amount to 35 of my own pins and 15 pins from others.

If you’re looking for a Tailwind Tribe, join mine and pin about social media, WordPress, organization, blogging, time management and more.


3. Facebook Live videos inside my group definitely gained some traction. I’ve been doing a daily Meet & Greet series (M-F) and it’s got the women talking.  It is helping me feel more comfortable talking about my personal life, which as a Scorpio, I don’t normally share beyond my inner circle.


What didn’t work this month

1. The newlywed phase is wearing off for my VIP List and my open rates have suffered a bit. I’m hoping it was just a busy month for my readers and not that they aren’t finding value in my words. I heard that adding emojis to the subject line would entice more opens but it seems to having the opposite effect on my list. I’ll continue this for another month or so and see how it goes.


PRO TIP: Create a mini training inside your Facebook group and then promote it outside of the group.  You’ll get new members just because they are interested in the topic.  Click HERE to watch my trainings.


2. Asking my group to practice and join in on Facebook Live videos. I thought it would be easier for them if the pressure was off and I asked simple “get to know you” questions but many have said they are terrified of video. So, I’ll keep encouraging them to do one. I have faith that they’ll join in soon enough.  It can be scary at first and their resistance actually helps me coach them through it.


3. Using 30 hashtags on every Instagram post.  It is definitely getting more likes (up to 50) on the posts itself but very few are converting to followers, which seems strange.  I’ve got Instagram on the list to focus on for Q2 so I’ll be trying different things each week.  What do you do that seems to work?


Most popular blog post:

The most popular blog post this month was 9 Things every entrepreneur must do to succeed in biz.  What I loved about writing this post is that the list items are not complicated and do not take a ton of time. They are just simple every day tasks that all business owners can do to help grow their income and attitudes this quarter.


Income Goals

I built this first year’s income goal on the premise of selling one of my signature programs each month. Very reasonable goal considering my primary focus is not on income this year; it’s on GROWTH.  I intend to focus on growing my blog readership, social media accounts and my community. Once they are established, which God willing will happen this new year; I’ll switch to a more money-centric goal. If you think you’re ready to work with me but still have a few questions, let’s meet for a coffee break and discuss how I can help.

Things to try this next month

1. Focusing on Tailwind for Pinterest building [aff link].  Now that my free trial period is just about up, I’m ready to amp up and learn to use this app more efficiently. So many spoke highly of its benefits so I’m excited to really test out its super powers.


2. Announcing FB Live videos on my profile and fan pages. I create the videos for my Blog Biz & Entrepreneur Tips for Women group and then entice others to join my promoting them other places. I expect that this will bring in new members that are interested in viewing the videos.


3. Facebook live videos outside of my own group.  They are such an easy way to meet and talk with your community. I love seeing others on video so of course they’ll want to see mine too. I’m hoping that by speaking more on video in places outside of my groups will increase the members in my own group and up the month end reporting stats.


What topic would you like me to speak about on Facebook Live?

February was a shorter month which forced me to really get my act together and get moving. There’s nothing quite like a deadline to up the ante for month end reporting!  I’m thrilled with the growth of my new blog and social media accounts for this month end reporting. How is your blog going?  What are you working on this month? Tell me in the comments.


Your blog biz best friend, Cee Lee

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