Month end reporting from Cee Lee Reed for January 2017

Month End Reporting | January 2017

It’s time for the month end reporting. Making these reports public holds me accountable to the goals I’ve set for this blog and my business. The month end reporting will provide a trend that I can use to see where I need to grow and change.

Month end reporting on


Each month, I’ll share my stats as well as the tasks that are working to help build my biz. I know that sharing this information will help you create and grow your own business that blogs. Please let me know if there is a metric that you’d like to see and not currently reported.



Social media stats for month end reporting (first full month)


639 followers. GOAL MET

Goal set for 6,000 followers by the end of the year so I need to average 500 per month.

Follow me on my Twitter account.

Facebook group

89 members. GOAL MET

Goal set for 600 by the end of the year so I need to average 50 per month.

Join the Blog Biz & Entrepreneur Tips facebook group.


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159 followers. GOAL MET

Goal set for 600 by the end of the year so I need to average 50 per month.

Follow me on my Instagram account.



108 followers. GOAL MET

Goal set for 600 by the end of the year so I need to average 50 per month.

Follow me on my Pinterest account.

Alexa stats

US ranking 556,354. Not concerned about this metric at this time. Month end reporting should show consistent up trend as more visitors will lower the ranking number.  FYI-the lower the number ranking, the better.  Google is ranked #1 if that tells you anything.


Number one referrer this month was Facebook which makes the most sense as it was where I focused most of my marketing efforts. I expect that Pinterest will start moving up in the ranking due to my starting Tailwind.



1,456 pageviews. GOAL NOT MET

Goal set for 4,000 pageviews each month.

VIP List

51 subscribers. GOAL NOT MET

Goal set for 2500 subscribers at the end of the year so I need to average 208 each month.


What worked this month

1. Promoting the heck out of my Facebook group on other social media accounts. I had a lot of new members say they found me on Twitter through my pinned tweet. Promotion of the Blog Biz & Entrepreneur Tips community was well worth the time spent.


2. Posting on promo threads in other FB groups definitely helped drive traffic. I was cognizant to also interact on other posts frequently and comment often. I want to add value instead of just promoting my services.


3. Answering questions on Quora definitely helped me drive traffic to my blog and freebies. Unfortunately, it isn’t necessarily bringing me my ideal clients at this point as I’m answering all questions that I can (for instance, men that I don’t work with).  It’s helping me hone my skills and experience as answering the questions forces me to refresh my memory on how to “insert random task”.  Stay tuned.


What didn’t work this month

1. Running a challenge in my FB group for any member that referred the most new people. I offered my Unlimited Email program to the winner. At this point, it’s me!  My members didn’t really react to this incentive.


PRO TIP: Ask your group members what they want and need to grow their biz. They may not know but any nugget of information they give you is worth it.  Then find a way to give it to them.


2. Offering a one hour session in lieu of my monthly package. This was a requested offer yet no takers.  Strange, but lesson learned.  May possibly try again in the future so members get a better chance to know me or tweak the offering.


3. Working on projects outside of this blog biz. Since this was the first true month since launch, I was all in and other non-priority things fell to the wayside. They are still on the schedule but moved around a bit.


Most popular blog post:

The most popular blog post this month was Organize your work day using a planner.  This makes complete sense as most women entrepreneurs are really drilling down on their calendars and routines during the month of January.  The start of the New Year motivates us to organize and plan our days. I’m so glad that you all loved it!


Income Goals

I built this first year’s income goal on the premise of selling one of my signature programs each month. Very reasonable goal considering my primary focus is not on income this year; it’s on GROWTH.  I intend to focus on growing my blog readership, social media accounts and my community. Once they are established, which God willing will happen this new year; I’ll switch to a more money-centric goal. If you think you’re ready to work with me but still have a few questions, let’s meet for a coffee break and discuss how I can help.

Things to try this month

1. Focusing on Tailwind for Pinterest building [aff link].  Now that my free trial period is just about up, I’m ready to amp up and learn to use this app more efficiently. So many spoke highly of its benefits so I’m excited to really test out its super powers.


2. Announcing FB Live videos that are created for my group on my profile and fan page. Hope this brings in new member interest.


3. Facebook live videos outside of my own group.  They are such an easy way to meet and talk with your community.


What topic would you like me to speak about on Facebook Live?

January was such an exciting month and all in all, I’m thrilled with the success of my blog’s first month end reporting. How is your blog going?  What are you working on this month? Tell me in the comments.

Your blog biz best friend, Cee Lee

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