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Month End Reporting | June 2017 (The Final Month)

It’s time for the month end reporting. And while I have enjoyed offering up this information each month, the time has come to say good-bye.  My goal was to create these accountability reports for the first 6 months in biz and (can you believe it?), we’re already through June.  These reports have done a great job at holding me accountable to the goals I’d set this year and for reminders of what has worked.  It’s been fun to see how the new biz has grown and what still needs working on. Most importantly, it’s taught me to be constantly aware of my ever-changing business that blogs.  Enjoy!

Month End Reporting on
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Social media stats for month end reporting


1626 followers, 1% increase.

Goal set for 6,000 followers by the end of the year so I need to average 500 per month.

Follow me on my Twitter account.


How do you use Twitter?  

Facebook group

186 members, 7% increase.

Goal set for 600 by the end of the year so I need to average 50 per month.


Join us in the Blog Biz & Female Entrepreneur Tips Facebook group.





304 followers, 1% increase.

Goal set for 600 by the end of the year so I need to average 50 per month.

Follow me on my Instagram account.


What is your favorite Instagram account?  Comment below.


Here’s a popular Instagram Post that I ran recently.




372 followers, 16% increase.

Goal set for 600 by the end of the year so I need to average 50 per month.

Follow me on my Pinterest account.


Want to use Tailwind to amp up your Pinterest account? Here’s my referral link that offers you a FREE month.  Tailwind repin activity was up an amazing 301% so no complaints here.


Alexa stats

US ranking 160356.  The lower the number the better.  Nice jump this month.


Number one referrer this month was Pinterest. It has well exceeded Facebook as the way that my new readers find me.  Just wish that it didn’t cause such an inflated bounce rate.



1644 pageviews, 13% increase.

Goal set for 4,000 pageviews each month.

VIP List

109 subscribers, 21% increase.

Goal set for 2500 subscribers at the end of the year so I need to average 208 each month.

My VIP List is tied to my FREEBIES page so feel free to grab yours.  And if you need some help with GOALS, then grab the new optin.



Did you accomplish all of your 2nd quarter goals?


What worked this month

1. Using Hootsuite to add daily promotion has greatly helped my VIP List growth. I also have a pinned tweet that often gets mentioned as the way readers find me.


Why don’t you join us in the Blog Biz & Female Entrepreneur Tips community; it’s a great group of women and you get tons of access to ME.


2. Tailwind. Such as easy way to circulate your pins.  I do find it easier to schedule things out using Tailwind but I’m not as happy with the actual conversion rate.  Working on that. Any tips?

If you’re looking for a Tailwind Tribe, join mine and pin about social media, WordPress, organization, blogging, time management and more.


3. Inviting my Facebook friends to like my fan page has greatly increased the number of followers. I love that they are engaging with me and some even offer their own posts so I’m getting to read a ton of interesting articles. I just love meeting other like-minded women. Stop by and share.


What didn’t work this month

1. My brand new laptop’s camera and audio.  To put it nicely (not how I want to) but they both suck.  Spent a fortune on this Dell and the built in camera and microphone sound and look like I’m living underground.  Yes, I have amazing external tools but I don’t want to have to use them every time.  Damn Dell.



PRO TIP: Facebook Live videos are still muy caliente!  Watch all of mine HERE. 


2. My Twitter building. Completely. Ignored. Twitter.  And it ignored me in return so I guess that’s fair.


Most popular blog post this month end reporting:

The most popular blog post this month end reporting was once again 9 Habits of organized boss ladies that have their shit together. Ladies just love this post and it leads my second popular post by double. Good…proves that Lady Bosses need to do this biz thang.

Income Goals

I built this first year’s income goal on the premise of selling one of my signature programs each month. Very reasonable goal considering my primary focus is not on income this year; it’s on GROWTH.  I intend to focus on growing my blog readership, social media accounts and my community. Once they are established, which God willing will happen this new year; I’ll switch to a more money-centric goal. If you think you’re ready to WORK WITH ME but still have a few questions, let’s meet for a coffee break and discuss how I can help.

Things to try this next month

1.More commenting on Instagram.


2. Facebook live videos outside of my own group.  Yes, this made the list. Again.


What topic would you like me to speak about on Facebook Live?

June went by so quickly and considering it’s halfway through the year, I’m a bit nervous.  I love the first quarter when it feels like we have so much time left. Now that we’re halfway to December…biz becomes a pressure cooker. Do you feel it?  Working in 90 day sprints helps immensely but I still can’t help feeling like time is ticking away. Let’s buckle down and get back to work.  How is your blog going?  What are you working on this month? Tell me in the comments.


Your blog biz best friend, Cee Lee

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