Month End Reporting May 2017

Month End Reporting | May 2017

It’s time for the month end reporting. Making these reports public holds me accountable to the goals I’ve set for this blog and my business. The month end reporting will provide a trend that I can use to see where I need to grow and change.

Month end reporting for May 2017 on

Each month, I’ll share my stats as well as the tasks that are working to help build my biz. I know that sharing this information will help you create and grow your own business that blogs.  The stats are trending up, even though not all were met so I’m very happy with that.

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Social media stats for month end reporting


1607 followers, 7% increase. GOAL NOT MET

Goal set for 6,000 followers by the end of the year so I need to average 500 per month.

Follow me on my Twitter account.

Thoughts: True fact. I have completely ignored Twitter for this month end reporting. I do not enjoy the engagement levels on Twitter.  I love building true relationships online and I just don’t feel like I get that on Twitter.  Do you? My 100 per day strategy was only done twice (shame shame) and it shows.


Do you get a lot of engagement on Twitter?

Facebook group

174 members, 17% increase. GOAL NOT MET

Goal set for 600 by the end of the year so I need to average 50 per month.


Join the Blog Biz & Female Entrepreneur Tips Facebook group.


Thoughts: I’ve been gaining at least 1 new follower each day so I’ve been pleased that my promotions on Facebook and other social media is working and helping out my month end reporting stats. This is my absolute favorite place to focus on and I love all of the connections that my Boss Ladies are making.  It’s just so cool!




301 followers, 0% increase. GOAL MET

Goal set for 600 by the end of the year so I need to average 50 per month.

Follow me on my Instagram account.

Thoughts: Instagram is growing and dropping as usual. Gains of 25 to 30 followers with each post are normal but then two days later they leave.  I just don’t get this account.  I love scrolling through other’s accounts and if I like their account, I follow and then stay.  I don’t have time to go back and forth. I don’t understand why followers that like you initially, leave right away and then start the process all over.  UGH.


Does this happen to you on Instagram?


Here’s a popular Instagram Post that I ran recently.




320 followers, 13% increase. GOAL MET

Goal set for 600 by the end of the year so I need to average 50 per month.

Follow me on my Pinterest account.


Thoughts: Pinterest is growing slower than expected.  I am a bit disappointed with the promises of Tailwind now that I’ve been using it for a few months.  Lots of likes and pins, but not as much actual blog traffic as was expected.  And even those that are clicking through to the blog, bounce right after reading the post they came for…even though plenty of other posts clearly relate to their interests.  I think when you’re in a Pinterest state of mind, you read fast and go!


PRO TIP: Saving more pins from other people (and not my own) may be affecting growth.  I currently only share a few of my own pins and many more from others.  I may need to change this ratio a bit but as the blog is only 5 months old, I don’t have tons of posts yet.  Something to keep in mind for near future.

Want to use Tailwind too?  Here’s my referral link that offers you a FREE month.  Tailwind repin activity was up an amazing 204% so I am happy about that.


Alexa stats

US ranking 232614 raised a lot.  This stat is greatly influenced by the number of visitors to your site and I’m only posting once per week most weeks for this quarter…so…the number increased.  Reporting it for fun as I’m not concerned about this metric.


Number one referrer this month was Pinterest once again.  It easily surpassed Facebook but as mentioned; the readers aren’t sticking around as much. I’m really working on keeping my readers happy and keeping them on my site. I do this by writing quality posts that are long and include many clickable links to my other posts.  I also ask alot of questions to prompt engagement.



1450 pageviews, 1% increase. GOAL NOT MET

Goal set for 4,000 pageviews each month.

Thoughts: Just gonna take some time. They seem to be staying flat even though I’m only posting one time per week so I am glad that they didn’t drop significantly after decreasing my blog posts 50%. I truly believe and have proven that it’s not so much in the amount of blogging; your numbers come from the promotion across social media. I’ve upped the social shares and stopped writing as much and they seem to balance out.

VIP List

90 subscribers, 38% increase. GOAL NOT MET

Goal set for 2500 subscribers at the end of the year so I need to average 208 each month.

Thoughts: Wow, added 25 to the list this month.  This was done just by asking and advertising online. I’ve recently offered a new video training and worksheet optin so I’m anxious to see if this increases the amount of subscribers.

My VIP List is tied to my FREEBIES page so feel free to grab yours.  And if you need some help with GOALS, then grab the new optin.



Focus on your 3 big goals in June to finish out the 2nd quarter strong.


What worked this month

1. Using Hootsuite to add daily promotion has greatly helped my VIP List growth. I can now get subscribers that may not have yet even had a chance to visit my blog.  They find my list through my social media shares and join.  Then I convert them to readers by including my blog posts in my weekly newsletter.  A little bit backwards but it’s working!


Why don’t you join us in the Blog Biz & Female Entrepreneur Tips community; it’s a great group of women and you get tons of access to ME.


2. Tailwind is definitely getting more attention on my Pinterest pins.  The likes and shares of my pins and those of others is greatly increasing.  Like at a 200-400% rate increase.  Now to convert them all to regular readers.  Any tips?

If you’re looking for a Tailwind Tribe, join mine and pin about social media, WordPress, organization, blogging, time management and more.


3. Facebook Live videos continue to work in my group and I love engaging with my fans this way.  i think it truly helps my new group members get to know me because they can scroll through my 100’s of videos and see my antics.  I’m very proud of my Meet & Greet series as it’s an easy way to get to know me and the other group members…without the pressure.



What didn’t work this month

1. Facebook Live. For some reason, I spent most of my precious time recreating my live videos.  They would record and post just fine to my group and then BAM…disappear.  I never have content that would get me barred or removed from Facebook so I’m not sure what happened.  I did put through a request for Facebook to review but as of yet it’s gone unanswered.

I  just did the video again in most cases but since I try to provide over 30 minutes of value each time, it was a bit frustrating to “lose” them without reason.  Some worked, some didn’t.


PRO TIP: Create a mini training inside your Facebook group and then promote it outside of the group.  You’ll get new members just because they are interested in the topic.  Click HERE to watch my training videos.


2. My Twitter building. Completely. Ignored. Twitter.  And it ignored me in return so I guess that’s fair.  Twitter is fast moving and [for me] hard to engage with others so I truly would love to just drop it altogether but……


3. Running a special VIP price on my (1) hour session. Due to timing or lack of funds on my clients part, this special wasn’t well received. I had one session overall but find it odd that I actually sell more when the price is higher.  I guess there is something to be said about keeping your prices higher.

Most popular blog post this month end reporting:

The most popular blog post this month end reporting was once again 9 Habits of organized boss ladies that have their shit together. Ladies just love this post and with its huge lead over the others, I’m guessing it will stay in the forefront permanently.  I do get a clue now about what my client’s need…organizational skills in their business tops the list.  Lucky for you; it’s my forte.

Income Goals

I built this first year’s income goal on the premise of selling one of my signature programs each month. Very reasonable goal considering my primary focus is not on income this year; it’s on GROWTH.  I intend to focus on growing my blog readership, social media accounts and my community. Once they are established, which God willing will happen this new year; I’ll switch to a more money-centric goal. If you think you’re ready to work with me but still have a few questions, let’s meet for a coffee break and discuss how I can help.

Things to try this next month

1.Returning comments on Instagram. I’ve been lax about commenting  on others but I really want to build my engagement so I’m committed to talking with my peeps whenever they reach out.


2. Facebook live videos outside of my own group.  Yes, this made the list. Again.


What topic would you like me to speak about on Facebook Live?

May was a month full of frustration and changes but now that it’s over, I realize it taught me some lesson reminders. Consistency is absolutely necessary. Focusing on ONE thing is essential. Sometimes all the right things still go wrong.  Get over it!  Onward and upward to June.  Holy crap, we’re halfway through the year already.  How is your blog going?  What are you working on this month? Tell me in the comments.


Your blog biz best friend, Cee Lee

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PS: Here’s where I started in January.



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