Morning less stressful with these 6 tips when working at home.

6 Ways To Make Your Morning Less Stressful + how to get hubby involved!

Working from home has been a blessing. No more struggling with the right outfit, rushing to beat hubby to the shower and running out of milk in my cereal bowl. I’m now able to enjoy a leisurely exit from my comfy bed and start the morning in the most positive way possible. Besides running my own business, not having the “morning scurry” is probably my most favorite reason for being an entrepreneur.  I have found 6 ways to make your morning less stressful that will put you in the right mindset to start your  busy day.


6 Tips to make your morning less stressful with

It always seemed that I was overwhelmed most of the time when I worked outside the home for someone else. By the time I got to work, I was so stressed and chaotic feeling that it took me a bit to recover and focus on the day’s tasks.  Luckily, almost everyone felt the same way so my feelings went unnoticed by everyone but me.  Except those times when we’d all chit chat about the crazy morning we’d had. I do not miss this at all.

Now, I start my day quietly thanking God for the right to another day. I spend a few minutes in bed stretching, thinking about the things I’d like to accomplish, and sometimes reading a quick chapter in my favorite biz book. My faithful dog Tukker is always at my side and we spend a few minutes cuddling before he realizes that it’s been twelve hours since he last ate. Once he’s ready, I better be ready.  On the days that hubby feeds him, we just snuggle while I tell him what a good dog he is.  Bliss.

6 Ways to make your morning less stressful

1. Prep your home office the night before

Nothing will bring about a downer attitude better than walking into your work space that is cluttered and covered with yesterday’s tasks. How are you supposed to feel revitalized and creative if there are pens, paper, calendars, water bottles and sticky notes everywhere? Just seeing that mess will put a damper on your morning spirit.


We want to raise your vibration each day; not hamper it.


Set your timer each workday for ten minutes before quitting time and straighten up your space. Assign every utensil and piece of paper its own space and return it there before leaving each day. Even if you gather up the items into one pile, it will look neater. Imagine sitting down to an inviting desk top each morning? So. Much. Better.


  • Create your to do list for tomorrow
  • Put your glasses back in their case
  • Empty the rubbish
  • Close your laptop


2. Wake up naturally

Work for yourself and create your schedule. Your body will adjust to its natural circadian rhythm and you’ll be able to wake up each morning without that blaring alarm clock. For me, it’s about 7am each day so I have plenty of time for household tasks or self-care before I officially start work. I spend that time quietly embracing the day without a rigid schedule so that I just flow into my work day. This natural entry makes my morning less stressful.


3. Have a ritual that motivates you towards productivity

My morning doesn’t always start the same way but my “ritual” always contains the following events. Missing one of these important starts to my day leaves me with an empty feeling and funky attitude. Set up your ritual so that each item of importance is a trigger for the next one.

  • Playing ball with Tukker in the backyard
  • Reading Elizabeth Peru’s global energy forecast 
  • Writing my business and blog goals (write them every day and they’ll stick)
  • Coffee or Tea in a special mug
  • Throwing on my favorite slippers (yes even on dress up days, I wear slippers!)

For instance, once I’m done writing my business goals in my journal (one is kept in my kitchen basket), the very act of putting the pen away in a basket behind the coffee maker reminds me of my next step. Get the coffee then get to work. Heading upstairs prompts me to slip into my cozies waiting on the stairs.  See?  PRO TIP: Less brain power makes my morning less stressful.


4. Don’t schedule every minute of your day

Well, schedule every minute of your day but do it generically. Leave a block of free time in the morning to catch up on any unexpected tasks that arrived overnight. Better yet, unless an absolute emergency, don’t do it right then. Trying to fit stuff in creates stress and chaos. Write down the event and add it to your calendar for another day. Rarely are add-ons pressing enough to throw off your day…unless you let them. If you’re having trouble creating a schedule that helps you build your business, then work with me and we’ll get you set up.


5. Use essential oils

Essential oils are inexpensive and helpful for creating atmosphere inside our homes and office space. I use them most days in various ways (hey that rhymes). These little powerhouses can help you create the feeling of calmness and zen each morning.  You can buy these oils everywhere online.

Orange: Sniff it before you get out of bed to pep you up.

Rose: Add a few drops on your shower scrub.

Chamomile: Add a few drops to your morning tea and honey.

Lavender: Squeeze some onto your desktop lamp so the whole room is immersed.


6. Have more SEX

Didn’t expect this one did ya? Come on ladies, rally to the occasion and send hubby off with his best morning too. Don’t want to get all scientific on ya, but sex releases endorphins. Endorphins=happy!  Don’t need to dwell on this one do I?  Having sex early makes your morning less stressful. You know it. I know it. Just. Do. It.

6 Ways to make your morning less stressful with

The keys to a morning less stressful is in your approach to the day. Build a business that you love and you will no longer have that dreaded feeling of rushing to work to please someone else. Take the time to create a peaceful and calm morning flow from the time you rise until you plop down in your little pink office. It’s really all about starting the day on a positive note and not being influenced by the stressors that are in front of you. They don’t go away but you can certainly react differently to them. Build your arsenal of good feelings with these 6 Ways to make your morning less stressful.


What will you do differently tomorrow? What works for you?


Your Blog Biz Best Friend, Cee Lee

PS: Finding it difficult to create a stress free morning? Start to organize your work day so that you aren’t caught off guard.



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