Organized Boss Ladies have their shit together and you can too

9 Habits of Organized Boss Ladies that Have Their Shit Together!

Getting yourself and your work space organized is important to the health of your business that blogs. Clutter and chaos will inevitably tear down the foundation you’ve built with their constant neediness. Whether you know it or not, disorganization is holding you back. You’ve got to get your shit together to have success in your biz. The good news is that you can learn with these 9 Habits of organized boss ladies.

Organization is really all about caring. Caring and showing respect to the things that matter most. Instead of simply throwing your client files all over your little pink office, you make the decision to order a filing cabinet and label maker. Easy right?  Instead of hoping you’ll meet your goals, you actually create a calendar with defined action steps.

Once you get organized, and it’s going to take a bit of time at first, you’ll save tons of time and frustration by knowing exactly where everything is and where your business stands.

9 Habits of organized Boss Ladies on

9 Habits of organized boss ladies

1.She makes a schedule

Boss lady, you need to come up with a daily schedule that works with your lifestyle.  Organize the tasks that you have to do each day into a list with expected time frames. Once you know how much time you need for each biz task, schedule it on a calendar day that makes sense.


Batch like items together for added productivity. Tweak your calendar until you have every task in its designated time slot while still leaving a little wiggle room for extras. Cuz’ you know something unexpected will come up.

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Work with your new schedule for at least a week and then make any changes needed. The only way to know this is to actually implement what you created. Business owners must constantly adjust to improve their chances of success; organized boss ladies make this a habit.


Batching your blog tasks will keep your brain optimized for organization.



2.She puts every item in its place

One of the most important habits of organized Boss ladies is that they create a clutter-free existence.  Every item in her office, home, car and handbag resides in a meticulously patterned space. Do this by cleaning each of your rooms and making a decision as to the best place for the items that reside there.


Organize these in the office:

  • Pens and pencils in a case
  • Magazines on a rack
  • Cords for the camera, iPod, GoPro and such in a decorative box
  • Files kept in an alphabetically labeled drawer


Do not waste any additional brain power wondering where to put something away. Once you do the initial clean and purge, announce the official location for everything.  You’ll be so glad that you did. Then just build a habit of returning things to their right place when finished using. No more cleaning!


3.She keeps running list of things to do

One to-do list is all that you need. Decide on either paper or electronic. Use it as one of the habits of organized Boss ladies. I like writing things done as it helps me remember more but if you’re an Wunderlist girl, have at it.

PRO TIP: Not all of your list entries will be in the same category so be sure to create headers/titles on your list to separate biz tasks from home chores.


4.She preps her day the night before

The best way to organize your mornings and work day is to prep for it the night before.  Organization requires planning and then implementation. You should be ready to work when you sit down each day and the only way to prepare for this is to create a list of your Top 3 goals for the day. Look ahead at that calendar you made (you did it right?) and focus on what has to be finished this week.


5.She keeps her desk space neat

You spend a lot of time sitting at your desk so be sure it’s setup for you to be productive. Keep it clean (dust it weekly), clutter free (throw that trash away) and a place you want to be. Queue hubby’s photo and that huge piece of Citrine. Make sure you straighten the contents of your desk every night before leaving so your happy place welcome you the next day.


Keep only three folders on your desk:

  • To Read
  • To-Do (needs action, add to your Wunderlist with a date)
  • To File


6.She doesn’t procrastinate

Full. Steam Ahead.  This phrase was given to ships that were driving forward at top speed.  See the similarities?  You have to move forward with determination, energy and enthusiasm. You can’t grow your business the way you want to if you’re stuck in a cycle of waiting and pondering.


Get into the habits of organized Boss ladies and be quick to make a decision and even quicker to act on it. If this isn’t your forte, start small. We’re faced with tons of questions each day so start rewarding yourself for answering (and more importantly acting upon) your responses.


Not deciding is still a decision. Make the right one.


7.She enjoys the company of other organized women

Learn how to be organized from others that seem to know what they’re doing.  Upgrade your conversations about business by joining Facebook groups (like mine) and Masterminds. It’s great to have a night out with your high school buddies from time to time, but you need to surround yourself with like-minded women that will push you to grow and expand your thinking.


One of the hardest things I’ve ever done was say goodbye to some friends that just didn’t understand and encourage my love of online business. It ended amicably but essentially I had to express how my life had changed and we didn’t have much in common anymore.  It’s hard but necessary. Keep me in your company and work with me. Together we’ll get you organized for success.


You are the sum of the 5 people you hang out with. Time to upgrade?


8.She blocks out distractions during her work day.

FOCUS should be your favorite word. Focusing and concentrating on the task at hand will keep you organized and on ahead of the game. You can get more done when you block out any distractions and simply work. Being organized means you recognize what those distractions are (music, kids, phone notifications) and you put them in their place. Put your phone on silent when working or teach others to use an urgent code if their message can’t wait.


9.She sets up a morning ritual to start her day

This habit is one that has changed my life, literally. I now start my day on a positive note, with a smile and excitement to get to work. After reading how other Boss ladies were getting more done by starting their day right, I decided to implement a morning ritual (or routine).

My morning ritual consists of a hot tea, lighting a pink sea salt candle, cleansing my office with Palo Santo wood, reading my goals and affirmations, my Top 3 tasks and brief meditation.  All of this takes just minutes. After all, the point of starting your day is to actually start.

I just find that this brief interlude each morning gets me prepared for the tasks I need to accomplish and leaves me feeling refreshed and ready to tackle the day. It makes me happy.


These 9 Habits of organized Boss Ladies will leave you feeling more put together and able to accomplish more in your business. Not everyone is born naturally organized however you can teach yourself this important trait. Once you realize the benefits of getting and stay organized, you’ll have an insatiable need to continue improving other aspects of your life and biz. Organized spaces make you feel more relaxed and confident in your experience. Get organized and stay that way.


Your blog biz best friend, Cee Lee

PS: What is your favorite business tool?  Comment below and let me know.



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