Period planning tips to help you meet your business goals

Period Planning Tips To help You Meet Your Biz Goals!

Planning is essential in your business that blogs. Period planning is a way to ensure that you treat each particular period as if it were most important and separate from any others. Act as if it is your full year; the end all be all so to speak. No time for messing around if your goals are set and met within a shorter time frame. Period planning works to meet your goals.

 Period planning tips to help you meet your business goals on

Period planning forces you to hustle.

Period planning tip #1

Create a brain dump of every thing you wish to accomplish in your business. Forget time frames right now, just let ideas flow out of your mind and onto paper. Or Evernote or other list building app you prefer.

Your business requires that you have a vision for its future. Setting goals isn’t merely a fun activity, okay so it is  ton of fun dreaming about where we’ll be in a year…but it must be taken seriously and catered to.

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Your list should include goals that are measurable:

  • Income
  • Social media stats
  • Number of clients
  • Last day working for the A-hole

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Make sure that every goal you set is a SMART goal.


Period planning tip #2

Take your list of business goals and choose one for each month of the period you’re planning for. Or pick one goal to work on for the entire time frame.  For example: choose to grow your pageviews in April and your Twitter account in May and your FB follower in June…or choose Twitter for the entire period. Period planning allows for flexibility as long as you’re moving forward.

PRO TIP: Plan your goals quarterly using the 12 Week Year structure [aff link]. I prefer this method of planning and find it much easier to work in three month increments. Most business owners do their period planning for 90 days as part of the year. They are still thinking annually.  STOP doing that!  Start thinking as if every single period is your year.

  • First quarter: January/February/March
  • Second quarter: April/May/June
  • Third quarter: July/August/September
  • Fourth quarter: October/November/December


Period planning tip #3

Period planning for your goals helps you set a more predictable number to meet each time. Why wait twelve months to see if a goal needs to be tweaked?  That is just a waste.  With period planning, you will know (almost) immediately if the numbers you set for your business that blogs are accurate. If your entire “year” is based on only a mere 9o days, then you’ll probably have a pretty good idea  about one week in if you’re on track.


Need to adjust your goals?  Do it right now and strive to reach the new number. Don’t wait.


Waiting longer than necessary (hello 12 month goals) would be a shame and you’ll be disappointed that you didn’t meet your goals. This doesn’t happen with shorter period planning because you are reviewing the goals much more often and you can stay on top of them.

Period planning forces you to focus.

Period planning tip #4

Focus solely on the goals that you set for the current period planning time frame.  Don’t daydream about what’s happening in six months. Don’t think about where you’ll be next year.  Focus on this set of goals only.  You know damn well that what we focus on, we finish.

Isn’t it easier to focus on just a few things instead of many?  I don’t know about you, but I love to multi-task…but that doesn’t make me more efficient…it makes me more busy.  Busy sucks. Productivity rocks!

Set your business that blogs goals and then focus on meeting that goal wholeheartedly. Be intense about your commitment to meeting them.

Ways to focus and achieve:

  • Read your goals every single day
  • Recite them aloud in the mirror
  • Post your goals in several places throughout your home, car, and wallet
  • Start your day (after that cup o’joe) working on a task directly affecting your goals
  • Work With Me to set a goal list that makes sense for your biz


Period Planning works better. Period.  No pun intended. It is so much easier to focus on a few goals every quarter that you can achieve, than hoping for 12 long months and failing. Focus on the goals that will impact your business in the best way. Keep in mind that when your next time frame starts, preferably day 91, you’ll be able to switch out your routine and work on that new goal.  Be patient as you focus on what’s in front of you right now.


Your blog biz best friend, Cee Lee


PS: Be sure to set goals that are keepers so you’ll achieve them.



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  • April 13, 2017 at 10:44 PM

    I love this post! My mastermind group and I just started reading The 12 Week Year and I am so excited to see where it leads us! After reading this post, I’m even more excited about it than before!

    • April 17, 2017 at 4:44 PM

      So glad you liked it. You’ll love the book; it’s a fave!

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