Productivity tips that will boost your business and start your work day right

Productivity tips that will boost your business + your work day

Ask someone to define productivity and you’ll get as many answer as people you ask. Most people equate being productive with being busy. A grave mistake if you want to grow your business that blogs.  Ask any wise biz babe and she’ll tell you the truth. It’s not about being or looking busy, it’s about getting shit done. Yes, done. Productivity doesn’t happen with a magic pill you pop each morning, it’s a calculated effort to spend your time creating content and finishing projects. Here’s some of my personal productivity tips to help you plan your time wisely.

Productivity Tips To Grow Your Business with


Personal Productivity Tips

What is your Why? Know your Why.

The first step in any business that blogs is to define your “why”.  Why is this business important to you?  What reason did you create it for?  Why do you want to help women?  Knowing deep down what motivates you to succeed will drive you to push through those lazy days when you’d rather be shopping. Create a list or a statement on your vision board that sums up why you are doing what you do…and why you need to accomplish your daily tasks. The more important your reason is to you the more you’ll produce on a daily basis to accomplish it.


myWhy: To help 1K women every year start a blog and grow their biz so they have more; freedom, family time, peace, money and smiles.   Work with me and become one of these women.

Take care of yourself

Get 8 hours of sleep each night or the amount that your body needs to feel refreshed upon waking in the morning. Caffeinated coffee only goes so far. Make sure your self-care routine includes plenty of rest. Your brain needs to stay healthy to create all of the amazing ideas you have for building a business. No sleep=no brain power. How are you supposed to get up and produce if you’re not sleeping right?  You can’t. One of the best personal productivity tips I can give you is to get more rest.


Productivity Apps

Productivity doesn’t necessarily mean that you are working harder. It’s working smarter. We’re a technology driven species so use that to your advantage. Get more done efficiently by using cell phone or desktop apps that keep you on task.


Use this app to take notes, generate ideas, create audio reminders or blog posts, store your photos or share documents with your VA.  No sense wasting time while waiting for the kids in the car line; work on those smaller tasks that need to be done for that quarterly project. Evernote will save you a lot of time that previously was spent finding a pen and paper or searching through your files looking for that outline.  My productivity tips list is meant to get *ish done without expending additional energy so give it a trial run. Best part, you can sync this app between users and devices.


Tomato Timer

I love this easy to use countdown clock that mimics the Pomodoro Technique.  Set the timer at the beginning of your task for 25 minutes. Click Start and bust a hump working on your project. When the buzzer goes off, you’ll be a lot further along than you would have been without the pressure of the buzzer deadline. Trust me on this; it’s works.


Plan your day the night before

Being productive means you’ll get right to work and finish your to-do list no matter what.  It’s much easier to give yourself a head start every morning. How do you do this?  You start prepping for the day the night before. Make sure your little pink office is ready to greet you and nothing is getting in the way of your bum sitting right down and working.


Review and adjust your schedule if needed

Nothing kills productivity like a feeling of remorse that you didn’t get everything on your list done. You should be working your known deadlines with plenty of wiggle room, so if once and awhile something has to get bumped, no worries. Review your calendar, reschedule the task and get back to work. The task was non-priority anyway (or else it would be done, right?) so don’t just give up and spend the day sulking.



PRO TIP: A bad attitude will kill your productivity.  Be positive. Be happy. Because.


Batch your work

I’ve said it before and many times more. One of the greatest productivity tips for a business that blogs is to batch all similar tasks and complete them at the same time. Instead of jumping back and forth between writing and photo editing, spend the entire afternoon taking pictures for your next 6 blog posts. Productivity demands that you are working efficiently and  in the best mindset for completion. Focus on one task for the day or morning before moving to something new after lunch.


Live the Pareto Principle

20% of the things you do in your biz are bringing you 80% of your results. Don’t believe me?  Make a list of 10 things that you do each week. Go ahead, I’ll wait. Now go down the list and circle the things that result in the highest amount of sales.  Only 2 right?  This is exactly what I mean and while the percentages can vary obviously…you get the point.  Spend your time on the things that matter and outsource or delete those that don’t. Just crossing things off your list makes you more productive; less to read next time.


Change your mindset

From now on (this day forward), when someone asks you how you are, you are going to say “I’m great and I’ve been super productive”.  No more “I’m so busy blah blah blah”.  Busy sucks. Productivity gets the job done. It’s very true that what we think about we manifest. Start using that mojo power for good.


I’m so darn productive and I like it! Oh yeah!


Play classical music while working

Okay so maybe classical isn’t your thing. No worries. Studies found that it doesn’t necessarily have to be classical music just music without words.  So if wolves howling or whales mating is your thing…go for it.  Try these songs (maybe before the whales, just saying).


Music from SoundCloud on


Don’t find yourself wondering how to be more productive whenever you step foot in your office. Know that with a game plan and these productivity tips you’ll be on your way to checking off everything on that ever growing to-do list. Create an optin. Check. Setup an autoresponder sequence.  Check. Comment on this blog post. Do that now and then check it off.


What are your favorite productivity tips while growing your business that blogs?


Your blog biz best friend, Cee Lee

PS: It’s hard to be productive if your calendar is a mess so get that sorted ASAP by using a planner to organize your work day.

Productivity tips that boost your business and your work day by
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