Set business goals that are keepers so you will finally achieve them

Set business goals that are keepers so you’ll finally achieve them!

It’s time to set business goals that are keepers.  Time to decide what you want for your business. Time to do all those things you said you’d do in the New Year.  Let your mind expand limitlessly. Dream big. And…


Set Business Goals That You'll Actually Achieve with Cee Lee Reed

Time to Get Real

I am a planner. I love taking pen to paper.  It’s straight up fun for me.  But the doing, not as much fun.  I learned a long time ago that my strength was in planning for what I wanted and once that thrill was over; I didn’t always enjoy carrying out the plans I’d set.  Planning doesn’t create a strong business.  Getting shit done does. Thankfully, I figured that out.

Do you love to plan but suffer from lack of action?

As an owner, you’ve got to establish markers for your business. Goal setting is imperative. It’s impossible to know if you’ve reached your definition of success if you don’t set it in the first place. And if you don’t set goals for the growth of your business, it won’t grow as fast as it could.  Why waste time?

Here’s how to Set Business Goals That Are Keepers

1. Set realistic numbers

Choose numbers that are obtainable or you’ll quickly realize that you won’t be reaching them and become discouraged.  You’ll give up. Yes, it’s fun to dream of adding 1000 people to your email list the first month we start a blog but it’s not a reasonable number.  Set a goal of 100. Still a stretch but will hold you accountable to marketing your blog. You’ll have a better idea at the end of the month if your number should be adjusted after auditing your results and the effort it took.

If you don’t set goals that are realistic, failure will find you. Give yourself a few wins first, then reach for the stars.

2. Have visual and written reminders

Ya’ll have heard of vision boards, right?  Did I just say ya’ll?  Geez-this Yankee has been down south too long!  Most vision boards have pictures on them.

  • True Fact #1: I like to tear out pictures for my vision board from the free library magazines.
  • True Fact #2: The librarian does not like me doing that. Sorry.

It’s a good idea to keep a few photos on your desk or wall of all the nice things you intend to buy once you’ve made it (hello black Jaguar XJ)…but I think it’s a better idea to post your written goals and the numbers on your boards.

I don’t know about you, but it only teases me to see that beautiful car posted on my wall since I don’t own it yet.  I’m motivated to work harder if I know the exact price of it.  I have to sell 40 of my A-B-Cee’s of Blogging coaching package in order to buy it.   Oh Lord, does it really cost that much?  Want to work with me to reach your goals?

Write down the actual metrics you need to reach on your board. Writing tells your brain that it’s important.  If you insist on using a glossy photo of that 4 carat diamond, then post it.  But damn sure know the actual price and write down how many ebooks you have to sell to buy it.


Obstacles are those frightful things you see when you take your eyes off your goal -Henry Ford


3. Make sure the goals motivate you

When I was deciding what I wanted to create with this site, my goals were large enough to motivate me.  We’re still earning income from my parenting site so money wasn’t the first reason for opening this new business. Helping other women build their own blogs so their business is more successful led the list.

I set a goal of helping a certain number of women; 1000 to be exact! Helping others motivates me and is part of “myWhy”. I look forward to working this goal every day. I couldn’t imagine just letting it slip away.

Now don’t think that income isn’t one of my goals, it is.  I am starting this site at [big fat] zero so of course I have goals based on money.  Everyone always talks about the elusive six-figure mark so that is certainly on my wish list. To be truthful, it’s on my monthly bucket list but to take my own advice from #1 above; that goal will have to wait (check with me again in six months).


4. Set quarterly goals àla 12 Week Year style

Setting goals to accomplish in a shorter time frame will ensure that you keep on track and exceed them. I’m sorry, but yearly goals do nothing to motivate you because you’ll spend the entire 12 months knowing that you have all the time in the world to reach them.  And then you won’t. Probably.  You may.  I wouldn’t.

I prefer to set monthly goals that I measure every quarter.  So, if you want to grow your email list like I do (sign up for VIP below), then post your goal as 150 subscribers (50 each month). Doesn’t that seem much more doable than a big ‘ole 600 staring you in the face?

Work your goals quarterly then start over.  In the book, 12 Week Year by Brian Moran (aff link), you work your tushy off for 12 weeks, then recover, audit and update for 4 weeks; then do it all again.  Just. Makes. Sense. To set business goals that are keepers.


Why wait 12 months to learn that you need to pivot in your biz?

5. Set business goals that are SMART

You already know these rules but they bear repeating. Don’t be afraid to really drill down.

  • Specific (don’t be vague)
  • Measurable (don’t say “blog more”; say “3 blog posts each week”)
  • Attainable (see #1 above)
  • Relevant (make it make sense for your biz)
  • Time Bound (set a deadline)


6. Separate business goals from others

I always set goals for different areas of my life.  Business, home, family and self-care round out my list. Each one is important however reaching my business goals directly impacts my livelihood.  If I don’t grow my business, then I can’t contribute to the inner workings of my family budget.  And we’ve all grown fond of eating. Every Single Day.

The goals that I’ve set outside of my blog will improve my life but they aren’t necessities; they’re enhancements.  If I lose 10 pounds, good for me.  If I don’t, no worries.  New paint for the living room would be beautiful but what we have now is fine too.  (accent wall color is Martha Stewart Tilled Soil-in case you were wondering).

Keep your non-negotiables separate and their prominence will naturally make them more impactful.


I write my business goals to build this thing without exception. I write personal goals to enhance the greatness I’ve already got going on.


Set business goals that are keepers by spending thoughtful time establishing them. Wake up before the kids this weekend, heat up that dark roast coffee and curl up on the couch with your favorite notebook and dream about where you want to be in 90 days.  Feels good huh?  Now create your action plan.


Tell me in the comments. What goal tops your list? What tip do you have to set business goals? 


Your blog biz best friend, Cee Lee

PS: Is one of your goals to start your own blog?  Read why WordPress is King and you should be his Queen.

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