Start Your Productive Week The Night Before so you're ready for the day

Start Your Productive Week The Night Before (doesn’t everyone?)

Productivity is a learned behavior. You start your business that blogs knowing you’ll have to work but it doesn’t always happen. You create multiple to-do lists and they sit. For days. For weeks.  Enter a deadline and suddenly we get our butt moving again.  We check mark and scratch through like there’s no tomorrow.  We finish the tasks we have put off.  How can you keep on track?  Plan to do these 7 things to start your productive week the night before.


Start your week the night before.

7 Ways you can prep for a more productive week.

Start your productive week the night before with

#1 Do a brain dump of everything that happened during the week

Go ahead and write it all down. Journal time (not to be confused with Hammer time). Get everything you can think of down on paper so you’re ready to leave it in the past. If something lingers, write it on a separate page and you’ve just officially started your new list. There is something so cathartic about a brain dump. I love seeing everything I want to get done in one place.  Do you feel the same?


PRO TIP: Do a brain dump each evening right before bed and you’ll sleep better.


#2 Light a candle, burn some sage and turn on the tunes

You need to release all your angst from the past week and prepare for the coming one. Otherwise as women, we fester.  Right?  I burn palo santo wood [aff link] and play my favorite Youtube music channel. Then I just sit quietly and still.

This helps me say “goodbye” to the week that’s ending. It’s a great way to start your productive week because it releases the week that just ended.  My planning time is on Sunday night but use whichever night (or day) works best for your calendar.


…now that you’re settled…


#3 Write out the list of items you need to accomplish this week

You can cheat off of your brain dump list for this. Grab those tasks that will push your biz forward. Spend your time on only the most important tasks. Don’t worry, your VA will handle the rest.  Make sure that you choose your Top 3 Tasks.  Place them in order of importance. Work on the first item in the list and don’t move on to the next until it’s done. HINT: This can be challenging but it’s necessary to be productive.

Need a little bum kicking to get this all done?  Work With Me  and I’ll create a plan for you that excels your efforts.


Top 3 Tasks are those that have to get done…no excuses.


#4 Clean up your desktop and work space

Your productive week will be off to a great start when you have cleaned and organized your desk work space. Don’t you just love coming into a clean office? Nuttin’ better IMHO.

  • Put all of your writing utensils away
  • Recycle all water bottles and empty snack packs
  • Log off your laptop , wipe the screen and plug it in (always start with a full charge)
  • Spray a burst of canned air across that nasty ole keyboard
  • Plug in your cell phone and put it to sleep (avoid the Facebook group beeps)
  • Corral all of the sticky notes into one notebook

Basically you want to put everything back in its place so when morning rolls around, you are ready to work.  Don’t give yourself any reason to procrastinate. Don’t waste any precious morning brain power (it’s a real thing check it out) cleaning your work space…use it to make money.

#5 Start your productive week with your Top 3 list front and center

Pretty self explanatory but you remember that lovely to-do list you just made?  Make sure you place it on your desktop so it’s the first thing you see when you get settled.  PRO TIP: Hang your list on the coffeemaker and you won’t miss it. Well, it’s the first place I go when the eyes flip open (hey, don’t judge)!

Start your productive week the night before with


#6 Go kiss the kids and hubby

I love ending my week on a positive note.  For me, that’s my family. We spend time together just hanging out and chilling.  The week usually ends with a movie and laughter. There is often popcorn and chocolate!

At bedtime, I grab a quick kiss and hug from my favorite girl and handsome hubby.

Best. Life. Ever.


#7 Head to bed Princess. Good night.

Lay your beautiful head down on that fluffy pillow knowing that you’ve done your best this week. And your coming week is going to go off without a hitch since you’ve properly prepared.  Sweet dreams.


You did it!  You successfully finalized last week. You have prepped for the coming week. You have planned out a path to accomplishing your business goals for the week. You just made productivity your biotch. The best way to reach your goals and grow your biz is to start your productive week the night before.


Your Blog Biz Best Friend, Cee Lee

PS: Get productive without just looking busy; here’s how I do it!



4 thoughts on “Start Your Productive Week The Night Before (doesn’t everyone?)

  • May 14, 2017 at 7:55 PM

    Great advice! I love #1 – the Brain Dump! When I do it before bed, I sleep better. I am more focused the next morning. I stress less over the past and am better able to focus the present. Thank you for this awesome reminder! ~Adrienne

    • May 23, 2017 at 6:28 PM

      Yes! I have to brain dump daily or I feel so bogged down. Doesn’t always completely stop the thoughts while in bed but it does usually help. I’ve started keeping paper nearby on the nightstand…but oh boy, the handwriting when I try to read it back is terrible. Never turn on the lights to write. I think just the act of writing helps me sleep better.

  • June 14, 2017 at 7:11 AM

    I love the part where we’ll light up some fragrant candles to set the mood or play music to find a beat. I always do this whenever I have clients for my writing biz and when I’m marketing my biz.

    All the Best,
    Jan Limark | Brotherly Creative

    • June 14, 2017 at 3:22 PM

      It’s my favorite part! Scents just make me happy.

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