Success rules of business that you need to learn as a Lady Boss

6 Success Rules of Business You Need to Learn – to thrive as a Lady Boss

Success is different for every Lady Boss. Some deem success by their bank account. Some by the amount of followers they have (not a great strategy btw). Others by the connections they’ve made with family.  For my business that blogs, it’s all of these that help me define success. Success is best achieved when you have set a plan to achieve it.  You are the boss. Create your own rules. Follow these 6 success rules of business and you’ll grow something amazing; sooner rather than later.

Success Rules of Business That You Need To Learn As A Lady Boss from

6 Success rules of business you need to learn

Success Rules of Business #1 STOP SAYING SOMEDAY

It goes without saying (but I’m gonna say it anyway) that you can’t have success if you don’t get started. There aren’t bragging rights and paydays for “thinking” about starting a business that blogs. No one is going to reward you for wanting something…or we’d all be rich.

Starting takes planning but once you have enough of an idea on what you should be doing with your life, you’ve got to just do it. Brain dump all of your ideas down on paper and then take that first step. If blogging is in your future, then start here.


Success Rules of Business #2 MAKE FRIENDS

I love meeting new people and fostering the relationships I have, but I know that this little task can be difficult for some of my introverted clients. Shyness is an adorable quality when you’re a little girl but business requires that you put yourself out there.

Hang out in Facebook groups and forums with like minded women. Reach out to them and start the communication. You never know when one of your online friends could become a biz bestie or hurl your business forward through their connections.

You can:

  • PM a sincere compliment
  • Respond to their question on a post
  • Tag someone you admire on Twitter
  • Meet up for coffee and chit chat

Nobody should be alone.  Seek out others that will support and inspire you daily.

Mark my words. There will come a time when you need help on your biz journey.


Success Rules of Business #3 ALWAYS BE LEARNING

Business owners need to keep on point with the happenings in their niche. You can serve your clients better if you know your shit. Subscribe to industry magazines, attend continuing education courses, buy some of those ecourses that are so popular and join other coaches email lists. Insert vip The freebie is great but the wisdom is priceless!

You will keep your brain fresh learning new information and solidifying what you’ve already taught yourself by going through the lessons periodically. When I started my first biz, I read every book I could find and taught myself how to do every aspect of blogging. It was fun to learn new stuff and made me proud that I accomplished so much personally. Little did I know it would all come in handy for this business and my mission to help 1000 women each year.  Are you one of them?

Don’t discount yourself as “the teacher”. In those quiet moments of the morning before you hop out of bed, what does your soul tell you to do? Listen to your womanly intuition; it’s a gift.  


Success Rules of Business #4 STAY FOCUSED

Running a biz can often have you scrambling to find answers and get shit done.  Prepare yourself for overwhelm; it’s a given. The only way to stay focused on growth is to set goals that explicitly lay out what you expect to do in your business.

Focus on goals that are going to get you to the finish line. Are we ever really finished?  Goals need to be the stepping stones to your ideal life.

Set goals that specify the end result:

  1. Number of clients needed to pay your bills
  2. Income needed to support the local charity
  3. Exact date you tell your boss to shove it (if working FT)
  4. Strategy for retiring your parents

Stay focused on what is really important to you. If you don’t, you will fall down a rabbit hole that wastes time.

Success Rules of Business That You Need To Learn As A Lady Boss from


Success Rules of Business #5 INVEST

One of the most common things I see among new bloggers is trying to build their biz with free stuff. They are so afraid of spending money before they make any. STOP thinking this way; it keeps you limited. Money is cyclical and what flows out will inevitably come back to you. Usually two-fold.

It’s okay to buy that WordPress hosting now so that you start off on great footing. Some plugins cost money but they save you hours of time. Buy it. Hire a VA for a few hours per month to schedule your social media’s only MONEY.

Stop being stingy with your closed fists. You cannot receive if you won’t spend. And brands will be afraid to work with you if you haven’t cared enough to invest in your own business needs.

Buy something this week that you know you need. It will force you to use it.  Do you want to Work With Me but have been afraid of the cost?  It’s okay. The money will be there because you’ll grow your biz with my help.

Success Rules of Business #6 GET YOUR MIND RIGHT

Mindset has become a very popular topic to talk about lately and there’s a reason. No matter how hard we push our bodies to act, it’s our mind that’s running the show. You have got to get your mind right to become great as a business owner.

Quote Mindset work is ugly. It’s hard. It’s emotional. It’s necessary.

Your brain is a superpower and demands respect. Show up everyday with thoughts of success. Push negative thoughts away or you’ll dwell on them. Yes, it’s hard but it’s much more difficult to fail.

There are tons of mindset coaches available to help you break through those barriers that keep you stuck. You can help yourself recognize patterns by journaling each day. PRO TIP: Buy a beautiful journal and you’ll look forward to writing in it.

Need a mindset reset? Talk to Kate Crocco.

Have money blocks that need resolved?  Work with this Lucky Bitch.

Using your kids as an excuse to keep from working?  Eirene of GitMom can help.


Stop making excuses and get your mind around the fact that you can become the person you want to be in business. There are so many ways to feel good about what you are creating and they all start at the beginning. You have to begin. Get to work in your #LittlePinkOffice today. These 6 rules of success in business will get you startedWhat can you add to the list?

Your blog biz best friend, Cee Lee

PS: You have the rules of success in business now so here’s 9 things every entrepreneur must do to thrive!

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