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Twitter Tools

Twitter tools from

The trick to getting tons of Twitter followers is to engage with other bloggers and business owners in your niche.  It’s much easier to build a relationship with another blogger when you’re following their account.  Once you are following an account, you can share their tweets with your readers and talk with the account owner directly.  Once the owners sees you passing along their tweets, they’ll be happy to follow you back and do the same.

Twitter tools from

Below are some great Twitter Tools to grow your following.  I’ll be doing the same with my new account since I’m starting at zero. I know the tips work because I used them to grow my parenting blog’s account to over 16K followers in a short period of time.  Check that out here.

More tips will be added as I come across them so stop back often. Feel free to send me any tips that you think should be added.  Good Luck!


Here’s how I find bloggers to follow.   


I love this tool for quickly growing my Twitter followers. Sign up for the app and find blogs in your niche that you love. This app lets you follow other blog’s readers simply by clicking the plus circle near their name.  Click your way down the list until you reach the daily limit.  Do this every day.

Twitter Lists:

I love using other blogger’s lists that are relevant to my niche. Lookup a larger blogger and click on their lists tab.  Open up the list by clicking on the list members tab on the left side.  Then just work your way down their list and follow the people that interest you.


Follow 100 People Everyday:

100 people.  Yes. Every. Single. Day. Use the search bar in Twitter to lookup relevant keywords to your niche.  When you find those that interest you, follow them.  If you are only following blogs that are in your target niche, then you’ll have lots in common with the account owner.  Most of the time they will follow back.  After all, they’ll want to get your tweets too.

Join a Twitter Chat:

There’s nothing like a party for meeting people.  Twitter is full of chat groups that engage daily about a variety of topics. Join the chat and get to know others; it’s a great way to gain followers as well as discuss issues that interest you.


Tweepi helps you find new followers by showing you the people that follow your tribe. You can also search for followers interested in the topic you blog about. And if you are finding users that don’t seem to be interested in sharing your content, you can unfollow them too.


Hire a VA:

A great way to build your Twitter account is to hire a Virtual Assistant that can spend dedicated time working on it. Let’s face it, we’re busy and many of us work outside the home.  Growing your social media accounts take time and if you don’t have any extra, hire out.  VA’s work hard and they are very economical.  Ask me who I’ve used before @1WitchAtWork.

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