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A-B-Cee’s of Blogging $1992

A-B-Cee of Blogging on

I am honored to offer my signature course, the A-B-Cee’s of Blogging.  Take my expertise and your hard work and in no time, you’ll have a successful blog to help grow your business. Whether you are just starting out or want to improve on your current state of affairs; join me for your next 3 months.


My Expertise + Your Work = Successful Blog and Biz 

Are you tired of hearing the”it only takes 30 minutes to start a blog” BS?  


It’s true!  You can get set up quickly but its gonna take a bit of time to fully understand the platform you have created.  You need to know alot.  Not just what to do.  But HOW TO DO IT.


I’ll help you from start to finish.  I’ve designed the A-B-Cee’s of Blogging to get you moving forward with daily action.  And more importantly…interaction.  That’s right, you get access to me and my experience building a highly successful business that blogs for promotion.

Who Am I?

I’m you. Four years later.  I started. I got paid. I’m giving back.  Here’s why.

 Cee Lee Reed

I’ll guide you through:

  • WordPress technical set up (domain, hosting, themes, plugins, and updates)
  • Social media setup, scheduling and growth strategy
  • Planning your daily calendar
  • Editorial calendars (how and when to schedule)
  • Post content (what to write)
  • Vanity emails and Inbox Zero strategy
  • Monetization (sponsored posts, ads, and products/services
  • Public Relations/Media attention
  • Goal setting
  • Everything you need to run a successful blog


What are you waiting for?  Sign up already.  Don’t wait.  Just think where you could be in three months time.

This is for you if you are:

  • A Go-Getter that wants to quickly DIY with some DIWM (do it with me)
  • Eager to learn what you’re taught
  • A busy lady that doesn’t have time to waste
  • An online business owner
  • Aware of the steps to take but need a little more guidance
  • An impatient person that’s ready to start now  (yeah, me too)
  • Excited to build a blog with less effort, less time and less money than other programs

Wondering what’s included? My Signature Package offers:

  • 3 months training and guided coaching
  • Video tutorials
  • Checklists and To-Do lists
  • Unlimited email support
  • Unlimited Voxer support (walkie-talkie messenger)
  • (1) Weekly 30 minute accountability phone call
  • (1) Weekly 60 minute training video call + (1) bonus 60 minute call each month
  • Access to the Blog Biz + Entrepreneur Tips Facebook group
  • My favorite business book (can you guess which one it is?)
  • Monthly Starbuck’s gift card (we need our coffee and tea ladies!)
  • All the information you’ll need to fully understand how to do this thang…


How do I know this will work? Because it’s exactly what I learned and did to build my first 6-figure success!

This program can’t work for you if:

  • You don’t do the work.  I can only do so much to help.  I can’t force you to finish the weekly tasks.  I will encourage you but you’ll need to do the work. Promise?  Great!
  • You only want to blog for fun.  The intention of this coaching program is to make you money in your biz.


You’re paying big bucks-don’t you want more one on one time?


Next month you could be in the same place you are now. STUCK.  Sick and tired of go-it-alone worksheets and videos that only confuse you.


You could be growing your business with blog power.  Which do you choose?


Call to Action Ladies: You Owe It To Yourself.  Act Now.


I can’t guarantee results as they are dependent on your work ethic.  But I do offer this guarantee.  After our first week together, if you are not happy for any reason (see some below); I will happily refund any payments that you have made.  I want you to be successful.  Period.

What if I dislike your teaching style?  No problem. (we need to “fit”)

What if I cringe at your voice?  No problem. (but I’m pretty sure the angels will be upset, hah)

What if I spent too much at Target and need that money back?  No problem.  (well it’s a problem but I can’t fix that one!)

Can I cancel over email and avoid that awkward phone call?  No problem. (I get it.)


Guarantees are only needed when you’re not sure if you can or want to do this.  Decide now that you do.


Let’s Do This

Let’s build your business that blogs so that you are successful right out of the gates.  I’ll share every intimate detail of my journey and help you write your own story.  This is undeniably one of the easiest ways to get started.

I know you have questions, that’s natural.  Let’s talk and make sure this program is a fit for your situation.  I’ll reassure you with my answers and we’ll get to know each other first.

Schedule a complimentary coffee break aka discovery call NOW!


Introductory offer priced at $1992.  If you prefer, you may make three (3) payments of $798.



Blog Biz Best Friend $488

Blog Biz Best Friend on

Looking for someone to support your blog and business that understands exactly how you feel?

Ever wondered why someone couldn’t just always be there for you?

Need a lot of help but not quite ready for full blown guided coaching?


Blog Biz Best Friend on

My Blog Biz Best Friend package is the perfect solution for you. I found out while growing my business, that very few people have time (or are willing) to answer your quick questions.  There are many wonderful coaches out there, however I noticed that many have a formal step by step program that they guide their clients through. It’s a great way to teach someone that needs this approach. Heck, I even have a program like that.

But, more often then not, you find yourself with random questions and need help without a set path.

I created Blog Biz Best Friend for this reason:

To assist Lady Bosses that have their *ish together and just need a friend to help them along the way.


Don’t get me wrong; this is a paid product that’s full of value without fluff. But it’s not such a stringent path that you feel stuck in one area of your business when you wish (or need) to be learning something else.

Whatever you need (or want) to work on; I’m here. If you’re stuck, I’ll teach you what you need to know. No wasted calls. Ever.

I don’t claim to know it all but I am an expert at research and if I need to reach out to my mentors to find an answer; I will.  FAST.

I just want to say that deciding to work with Cee Lee to develop and build my blog was a great decision Chaundra of Stitches Dishes and Butterfly Kissesand I couldn’t be more pleased with the end result. Cee Lee covered every step to help create a blog I never would have been able to do on my own in the amount of time it took working with her and following her guidelines. Areas covered included picking the best blog name, choosing the right fit for my domain name site, choosing which host company would be best for me as well as designing the look of the blog. There were a lot of decisions to make and Cee Lee’s step by step process gave me the confidence I needed to tackle to the world of blogging. -Chaundra of Stitches Dishes and Butterfly Kisses.

Package includes:

  • (1) one hour call weekly (phone or video) + (1) bonus 30 minute call monthly; use when you want
  • Unlimited email with me
  • Unlimited Voxer support (walkie-talkie messenger)
  • Access to the Blog Biz + Entrepreneur Tips Facebook group
  • Access to The Cauldron (coming soon)
  • (1) Guest post on either my parenting blog or this one; with promotion
  • One week promoting your website/blog through my social media channels


  • Starbucks gift card (cause a girl needs coffee and tea daily)
  • My favorite biz book (can you guess which one it is?)


  1. How do we get started? Click the link below to schedule your discovery call aka coffee break.
  2. When can we start? We start the Monday following signup and initial payment.
  3. How long does it last?  The program last for 4 consecutive weeks.


I know you have more questions, that’s natural.  Let’s talk and make sure this program is a fit for your situation.  I’ll reassure you with my answers and we’ll get to know each other first.

Schedule a complimentary coffee break aka discovery call NOW!


Introductory offer priced at $488 per month. If you prefer, you may make two (2) payments of $298.



SuzannaWorking with Cee Lee was fantastic! She provided in-depth, but easy to understand information. She went above and beyond, answering my many questions outside of the webinar intensive she offered. Cee Lee empowered me to set up my own websites, and gave me guidance and direction for what to do once I bought my domain and hosting. If you are interested in learning how to set up your own website, Cee Lee is the go-to woman. -Suzanna of One Hoolie Mama.

Hire me as your Blog Biz Best Friend at

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