Things every entrepreneur must do to succeed in business (start with these 9)

9 Things Every Entrepreneur (Lady Boss that’s you) Must Do To Succeed In Biz!

Think hard about your day. Know what tasks you do every single day that run your business that blogs. As the Boss, it’s up to you to keep things running smoothly and on time. The pressure sucks but as leaders we don’t have time to wallow in self pity; we must get back to work. Here are 9 things every entrepreneur must do to succeed in biz.

9 Things Every Lady Boss Must Do To Succeed by



9 Things every entrepreneur must do…or die trying (no, not really)


1. Get ultra clear on your message to the world

It’s not a mistake that one of the first tasks every entrepreneur is asked to do when starting a business is to figure out their purpose. Your why. The reason you’re about to spend inordinate amounts of time building a brand.

You must think/pray/meditate on the purpose of your business mission and clarify your message done to every last detail. How else can you shout it from the rooftops if you don’t know what it is? 

This chore will be one of the most important things every entrepreneur must do when starting their biz if they hope to succeed.


2. Manage your finances

Watch every dollar. Know your numbers inside and out. Spend only what is absolutely necessary and ask for discounts on all business purchases.  Be sure to record every transaction in an accounting system like Xero and hire a CPA to ensure you save all the pennies you can.



3. Master the tech stuff

If you need someone to handle all of the techy stuff for your business that blogs, then work with me and we’ll get you set up to succeed.  The nicest part about my coaching packages are that you won’t just get finished (although that rocks), you’ll also get trained on exactly how to do this stuff yourself.

Even if you ultimately hire out, there are things every entrepreneur must do and know to succeed and running the technology side of their biz is tops on the list. Just think about how many optins and emails you’re going to create over the years…you need to understand them operationally.


Before you hire someone to handle your biz, you better know what you’re doing.  How else will you know if they are doing it right?


4. Believe in your skill set and knowledge

Mindset is huge in business. You know deep down in your psyche that you are amazing and can truly help women. So stop playing small and tell them. Every entrepreneur is an expert at something. As long as your “something” is a step ahead of the other guy…you’re the expert. Never doubt that your knowledge far surpasses what you think you know. Once you work with clients and see their satisfied faces; you’ll get it.


5. Know your client

Just like when determining your message, you need to dig deep and know in your heart of hearts who you want to serve.  It’s only fair. Don’t waste your client’s time if they aren’t who you should be working with. Don’t waste your time either cuz’ honey, we don’t have enough as is.

Once you’ve worked with a few amazing women, you’ll be able to narrow down exactly who you vibe best with and start to look for those women online.  And guess what? Once you know who you work with…you’ll start to find these women everywhere. Yay!


Know your ideal client. You know her right?



6. Set goals that push you to achieve growth

To succeed, you have to push. Set business goals that make you stretch. Not a little. A lot. You can’t grow if you don’t try. Write down goals that make you sweat…then add another 10% to the number.  Is your blood pumping yet?  Good.

Setting goals each quarter is just one of the important things every entrepreneur must do to succeed in biz.

Set goals for:

  • Growth in social media accounts
  • Number of media requests you get each month
  • Finishing that book this year


7. Increase your income

Create products and services that bring in the money. Lots of it. Money isn’t everything but it sure as hell makes it easier to feel comfortable in your biz.  Every year your income should far exceed the last.  And I’m not talking just total sales, I mean PROFIT.

PRO TIP: Get that profit higher and higher (your love keeps liftin’ me) by selling more and lowering those expenses. Be frugal when spending, even if you’ve reached the illustrious six figure mark.


8. Find a Blog Biz Best Friend

Building a biz is hard. Anyone that says differently is a little loco.  No one started their blog and made 15 figures the first month; that’s BS.  But you can do things to make it easier.  Like finding a biz bestie.


Need a Blog Biz Best Friend that understands your situation?  I do.


Building a tribe of friends is important when you’re a solopreneur working all alone in your little pink office. Someone to call on when you’re sad, busy, frustrated or just need a swift kick in the ass.  My biz bestie Anne of Learning Table is always available to listen to my rants about my blog biz. She helps keep me sane.  My IRL friends just don’t understand my online business because they aren’t in the blogosphere.


9 Things Every Lady Boss Must Do To Succeed by

9. Keep up to date with online trends

It’s important to keep yourself updated with all of the trends and changes online. Updates to the social media network algorithms (Yeah, I’m talking about you Facebook) and new FTC rulings all affect your business that blogs. You can’t stay “on fleek” if you aren’t reading all of the publications and email messages these companies are sending you.

It feels like once a month I’m getting updates to Paypal and Amazon policies…and that’s just the ones that actually care enough to tell me what’s happening.  Make is a point of knowing what’s going on in your industry. Don’t be an ostrich with your head in the sand. Yes, they’re boring reads but important to know.

PRO TIP: Have your VA flag important emails and magazine articles with information that you need to know. Then read it and implement.


Entrepreneurs have tons on their plate and sadly, that will never change. It’s up to you to create a plan for your own success. Set up daily habits that push you toward growth. Embrace all of the things every entrepreneur must do and do them happily. There isn’t a knight on a white horse coming to save you. We make our own path Ladies.  Go build it!


Your blog biz best friend, Cee Lee


PS: One of the important things to do when you’re the boss is to hire a VA to help you get the job done. Here’s what to look for during the interview.


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